How To Protect Your Wired Earphones From Common Wear And Tear?

How To Protect Your Wired Earphones From Common Wear And Tear?

But wired earphones are wired (duh), and wires are prone to get tangled into a knotty mess, right? To add to that misery, we throw them inside our pockets all bundled up, and then pull them out mercilessly.

Okay, we know you guys are curious to know how you can prevent your earphones from damaging, but let’s begin with a series of questions: 

Do you have a pair of wired earphones plugged inside your ears currently?
Or are they lying in bed, all bundled up in a mess?
Do you by any chance have ever used tape to secure a dying wire?

If you said yes at least to one of them, then you’ve landed at the right place, friend. Like you, we also love our wired earphones, and seeing them withering away breaks our heart! 

But wired earphones are wired (duh), and wires are prone to get tangled into a knotty mess, right? To add to that misery, we throw them inside our pockets all bundled up, and then pull them out mercilessly. How would these actions not cause our beloved earphones serious damage? 

Don’t you worry, child (cause heaven’s got a plan for you). We have curated a list of tips and tricks that you can adopt to increase the life of your favorite wired headsets: 

1. Don’t Keep Them Plugged In.

      A lot of us have the habit of keeping our earphones plugged inside our phones or laptops, even when they are not in use. And of course, we don’t remember putting them there and when we get up suddenly.. Snap! 

      The whole idea is to avoid causing that snap as it causes your wires to stretch unnecessarily. This causes them to stress and which eventually leads to wire damage. 

      Hence, always unplug your earphones after using them and place them safely at a place where they cannot be stepped upon, sat upon, or just stretched unintentionally. 

      2. Coil The Cable Carefully. 

          Never scramble them or coil them like knitting yarn and stuff them in your pockets! This will undoubtedly make the cables get bundled up. And then you will have to spend hours untangling the mess, and this will include some impatient pulling and stretching! 

          So always wrap the cables safely, maybe into an ‘8’ or use the ‘alternate wrapping’ technique to wrap them up! 

          Avoid tight loops and never tie knots! It’s always better to keep them loose!

          3. Don’t Let The Cord Dangle. 

              Letting your cord dangle off the edge of your desk or from your pockets or bags can put undue stress. Since a dangling cord is basically bent at a 90-degree angle, it can crack at that point. And if you bend it back and forth at the same spot a couple of times, it will definitely break. 

              If you press or pinch the cord, it could even cause damage to the internal wire. 

              4. Pull The Plug, Not The Cable. 

                  This is one of the most common reasons why your headphones keep on breaking. Pulling the cord causes a lot of stress to the point where the cord meets the plug. Over time, this pulling can cause the internal wire to break and get separated from the plug. 

                  Another thing that can happen due to this unequal amount of stress is that one of the internal wires gets snapped, and you are left with only one side of the earphones functioning properly. 

                  So, the bottom line is - Never pull the cord! The stress and the undue tension in the wires can cause damage to your headphones. 

                  And if you still find it difficult to let go of this habit, we have another solution. Just switch to a cord that has an L-shaped jack. It is impossible to unplug these by cord-tugging, and hence you will have to do it the proper way. 

                  5. Don’t Sleep With Your Wired Earphones On. 

                      Some of us depend on music to put us to sleep. Be it calming raindrops, whale voices, or any ASMR. It helps us calm down and creates a comfortable environment wherein we can fall asleep easily. 

                      But, since you can’t control how you move when you’re asleep, it is advisable not to use wired headphones while sleeping. You roll, twist, turn, and flop about - all of this causes a lot of stress to the wire. Sometimes you might have already found your hands or arms getting tangled with the wire, even when you are not asleep and just lazing around in bed!

                      Additionally, you might also cause damage to the headphones themselves as you sleep on them with a heavy head. Then it can bend and even hurt your ears. 

                      So, either have an ambient music source in such a scenario or use wireless earbuds at least! 

                      6. Make Them Strong (And Beautiful).

                          This is one of the easiest and coolest ways to prevent your wired headphones from tangling up. All you need is some embroidery thread, a pair of scissors, and some patience for this trick. All you need to do is start making knots over the wire with the thread. Basically, braid it. You can use multi-colored thread to funk it up even. Just make sure that you do not cover the microphone. This will not only strengthen the delicate wire but will also make sure that it stays unharmed, even when you throw it carelessly in your backpack. 

                          7. Get A Carry Case.

                              Let’s admit, we often just toss our headphones and earbuds into pockets, backpacks, or purses. However, it would be best if you stopped doing this instantly. No matter how careful you are, the container’s items will rub against the headphones, jostle with them, and result in the cord getting pulled, stretched, twisted, crushed, and even damaged! 

                              Hence, whenever possible, use a case! Many hard and soft plastic cute bags/pouches come in different shapes and sizes that you can use to carry your wired headphones around safely! 

                              Before we conclude this blog, it’s also important to tell you that investing in a good pair of wired earphones is important if you want them to last longer. You can check our range of wired earphones that offer maximum durability and best-in-class sound quality, here.

                              We hope that this list of ideas was helpful and will help you increase the lifespan of your favorite gadget! Happy listening!