Distracted Too Easy? 5 Tips To Help You Focus On What You Love

Do you know what the most frustrating thing in life is? Yes, not being able to feel a thumping beat drop (thanks to low-quality earphones) is one of them. Besides listening to your jam with bad quality earphones, not being able to focus on the things you love doing is truly disturbing too. You are bombarded with questions and doubts that the mind feeds you, like: 


“Do I actually love doing this or am I just fooling around?”  
“Am I even good enough or was my ex right about me?” 


But guess what? It is now time to play the Uno reverse card! It’s time to burn the self-doubts to the ground as you go on and conquer your mind and win your focus back, one step at a time. Let the little devil of doubts inside you be frustrated seeing you focused.

But remember, everything is a process, and you will eventually learn to focus your mind if you follow these five tips.

What 5 tips? Read along!


1. Build a Habit Just like Your Mother Said 



No, honestly, we get it that we find building habits old-fashioned. Ever since Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, all we want is to be like Bunny and live life our way. And take it from us, there is nothing wrong with it. But everything in life is a process. A major reason why we get distracted lies in the fact that we don’t indulge in a habit. You see, study and work are ceaseless, but pick something that liberates and relaxes your mind, and do it regularly. It could be reading a book or working out. If working out is the habit you feel comfortable building, take a look at our smartwatches that streamline and give you maximum control over your fitness journey.

The point being, pick something and do it every day. Maybe just a few minutes. But give your mind time to relax and ease a little.


2. Have a Schedule (No, This Blog Is Not Written By Your Mum)



Often what happens is, we tend to lose out on the tasks and even leisure time because we don’t schedule our time beforehand. This ends up getting us in a very messy and confused state, due to which nothing can hold our attention. 

To avoid this, we need to schedule our day. Yes, you should’ve probably listened to your Moral Science teacher. Scheduling helps to train your mind to focus on a particular task for a given duration. After that, you’re free to do whatever you want till another set of tasks needs to be done. 


3. Eminem was right all along!



When Eminem said, “lose yourself in the music”, we took it way too seriously. No, we did not lose ourselves or anything (duh) but we gave ourselves to music. Guys, believe us when we say music is free therapy. 

There is so much we can do while listening to a Pink Floyd (if you’re a fan) classic. Or even Linkin Park jam for work playing in our ears. Music can help us heal and work more efficiently. It helps us to build our focus and channelize our thoughts in a much better way. Put a focus playlist and make the world around you cease to exist. For a better experience, we need earphones that fit our ears and mood just right. If you think you cannot concentrate with lyrical music then just go for tunes. Believe us, music helps build focus like nothing else.


4. Take Sho(r)t Breaks



Often, we work so hard towards our dreams that we forget to rest our minds a little. Hence, breaks are absolutely necessary. Excess of anything is bad. We need to maintain a balance between work and our personal life. We tend to lose focus over time. Researches show (no, we won’t burden you with an excessive read) that our focus cannot last over 90 minutes. So take a 10-15 mins break, go for a walk, meditate a little and you are all set!


5. Set Your Deadlines



Believe us when we say it, setting a deadline is extremely important. When you make a list of tasks and time each one of them, your productivity will increase tenfold. Tick the tasks that you have finished and see the motivation kicking in. After every task reward yourself with a five minutes break or a little snacking. This will increase your zeal and be a push towards working harder. 

Just choose a smart way to the ladder of success.

Now, we just want you to remember, being distracted is completely alright. We are just humans and we tend to lose interest. Don’t blame yourself, rather acknowledge it and work towards it. 

Follow these 5 tips and we bet you’ll be in a much better place! 

*Psst* We follow these too. 🤫

June 16, 2021

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