Grooming Hacks That’ll Make You Stand Out

Dear Men,

It is time to break all stereotypes and give your handsome face a makeover it absolutely deserves. We are here to cheer for you as we see you take another step towards self-care! Let’s add colors to your boring grooming episodes and get you set for your next party, date, or interview, with a signature look. You name it! We’re here to add a little pink to your charm and a little yellow to your exuberant personality.

Men, it is about time that you stop taking pride in the fact that you don’t comb your hair for days. Let’s face it, we all appreciate looking good. 

By now, we hope we have convinced you to start taking care of yourself (you better be!), so let’s tell you a few grooming hacks that’ll make you stand out from the crowd.



Stick with us as we take you on this journey, adding rainbows to your canvas of life.

“Do I look like a Model?”

This will surely be one question that you should be asking yourself more often. And, isn’t it obvious? When you finally choose to unfurl the beauty behind that unkempt beard, you’re bound to be in disbelief. Oh, now you wanna begin your self-care? Don’t worry, we won’t judge you.

The only ones we judge are the people who feel that self-care is not important (or self-care is not worth their time) *sheesh*. With that being said, let’s begin your guide towards a new life and a better you.

Hack #1: Say ‘Ciao’ to Your Razor

Yes yes, razors are cost-effective and all. We get it. But would you rather prefer something you’ll have to buy every week for your entire life or rather a one-time investment that gives you better results? Well, you’re absolutely right. A one-time investment it is!

Bring your unique style out by opting for trimmers instead! The art of grooming lies in preventing unnecessary cuts. 



When it comes to razors, you have little space to experiment with your look. You can only clean shave at the expense of minor irritable cuts. However, trimmers let you decide your look by giving you every possible option. And Misfit has an awesome range of 0.5-12mm which leaves more room for you to go for that subtle look,or even the 90s rock party hero (We'll root for this)

Hack #2: Smoother and Softer Skin is Key

Let your looks speak for themselves.

Would you rather look like a monk who has given up on the world or Tom Cruise? The choice is yours.

If you ask us, we vouch only for looks that kill!



Oh, and “rooting” reminds us… shave off your beard hassle-free from the roots and feel no burns but smooth, soft skin with Misfit’s titanium blades. Blades that are the arch-nemesis of your unwanted hair and dear friends to your skin!

Hack #3: B-Y-O-S - Be Your Own Stylist!

While Lucky’s mother in “Mai hoon na” was shocked to see his horsetail gone, it also must have costed Lucky a fortune for literally just trimming his hair!

So Hack #3 to stand out of the crowd would be “choose the style that suits you the most.” Not every haircut will suit you. Not every style will match your vibe. And let’s be honest, even if the barber leaves us looking like a mushroom, we smile and tip him and then cry on our way home.



So why not bring the salon home? It is time to pamper yourself the way you want to and not how your hairstylist tells you to. Bring your unique style out with the Misfit 6-in1 Grooming Kit.

Adjust the range and go trendy, just the way you deserve to!

Hack #4: Cut the Weed Off Your Garden

Sounds eerie? Like a hidden message being sent in a bottle, we get it. But guess what? The unusually long nose hair is eerier. No, we are not calling you out, ugh.

What we want is nothing but to make you slicker. Be the carefree self you are and remove unwanted hair that disrupts your first impression. Let nothing define you but what you choose to be defined by. 



Choose a trimmer that can easily do away with the extra nose hair so that you don’t have to pluck them in public *eww*. Yes, that is what we thought.

So to avoid situations you can never walk back on, please trim your hair timely!

Hack #5: How Much Hair is Too Much Hair?

Yes, chest hair and all is fine. But excess of anything is bad. At least that is what all the folklores have taught us. So let us start with one step at a time. 

Let us groom ourselves the right way. Say no to excessive body hair with the trimmer that gives you the desired results while protecting your skin.

Be your natural playful self and live in the moment without feeling embarrassed one bit. Remember, you are perfect just the way you are. We aren’t asking you to change yourself to fit in a box. All we are telling you is that you will feel good about yourself if you groom yourself now and then. 



So do it for yourself. Be the quirky you, the lively you, the extraordinary you, and choose to do things for yourself. You deserve to add a little sparkle and a little rainbow to the canvas of life for the wonderful person you are.

After all, everyone deserves to feel good about themselves.

June 14, 2021

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