Best Smartwatches Under 3000 to Buy This Summer

Best Smartwatches Under 3000 to Buy This Summer

Are you looking for the best smartwatches under Rs. 3,000 in India? We have created a list of the best smart watches under 3000 with extensive features that meet your needs. Order now!

Best Smartwatch Under 3000

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We are here today to help you make the right decision for your gorgeous wrist. In today’s date, when the world is moving at a fast pace, it has become absolutely essential for you to track your steps too. Well, if you gotta run, you better do it the fitness way — running from your problems doesn’t count here. :)

Smartwatches in circa 2022 are climbing the “must have” ladder. But no matter how essential they are to have, they also need to be pocket friendly. So, we have curated a guide for you which will help you find the best smartwatches under 3000. Smart watches for men, smart watches for women, the best smart watches for ‘em all, we got it all covered!

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Best Smartwatch Under 3000 in India

Wave The Worries Away with Watch Wave Pro

The beautifully designed Watch Wave Pro is boAt’s best fitness tracker smartwatch. Being one of the newest fitness tracker watch in the boAt family, Watch Wave Pro adds to your outfit with its sophisticated looks. This smartwatch comes with a superior 1.69 inch colour HD Display that makes the world a better place. Not only this, Wave Pro caters to the cricket buff in you & updates you with live cricket scores.

Best Smartwatch Under 3000 - Watch Wave Pro

Let’s have a closer look at your potential wrist partner: 

  1. Superior display with 1.69 colour HD screen & 500 Nits brightness
  2. Unlike any other watch, this smartwatch comes with live cricket scores right on your wrist!
  3. Charge from 0 to 100% in just 30mins!
  4. With its IP67 dust & water resistant, this smartwatch is truly built for outdoor adventures.
  5. Keeps your fitness & wellness on track by monitoring your heart rate, sleep cycle, and fitness goals 24*7.

You can grab your Watch Wave Pro at just 2799/-


Lite it Up with Watch Wave Lite!

boAt’s certified comfortable smartwatch – Watch Wave Lite will be there for you when you step out of your comfort zone as well. This is the best smartwatch if you want to count the number of calories you burned and keep a track of your workout sessions. With 10 active sports modes, this sleek and premium designed smartwatch helps in giving you accurate data for your sessions. Behold new depths in your visual experience. With a 160 degree view angle and 70% RGB colour gamut on the display, this lite as a feather smartwatch lets you tap into vibrance.

Best Smartwatch Under 3000 - Watch Wave Lite

  • 1.69 inch HD full-touch display with 550 nits brightness.
  •  160 degree view angle and 70% RGB colour gamut
  • Ultra sleek & elegant metal body design
  • 10 active sports modes
  • Track your health with 24*7 monitoring & step up your game with 10 active sports modes.
  • Watch Wave Lite weighs lite on your wrist & pockets coming at just 2199/-


    Thunderbolt Your Fitness With Watch Storm

    Next in line is one of boAt’s most trusted and amongst the first smart watches, Watch Storm. Now, when the whole world was moving ahead, boAt decided to make smart watches for women. Storm has a special feature for all the women out there — it keeps a track of your menstrual cycle & notifies you well beforehand so that you are prepared. This makes Watch Storm the best smartwatch for women as you can get your pampering kit ready & take good care of yourself. Apart from this, Watch Storm also comes with oxygen monitoring & keeps a precise check on your wellness. 

    Best Smartwatch Under 3000 - Watch Storm

    1. Precise health & fitness monitoring – sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, etc.
    2. Full touch 2.5D curved display
    3. Tracks SpO2 accurately 
    4. Keeps an eye on your menstrual cycle
    5. 8 active sports modes & daily activity tracker

    Get your Watch Storm today at just 2499/-


    Go Mystique with Watch Mystiq

    Mystiq is here to redefine your wellness! From notifying about calls, text messages & emails to giving notifications about your health (sedentary & water intake) Mystiq covers it all. One of the core beautiful features of this smartwatch for men & women is the HIIT Mode with a personal animated coach helping you complete your fitness journey. Isn’t it fun? 

    Best Smartwatch Under 3000 - Watch Mystiq

    Here is what more is fun about Mystiq:

    1. 1.57 inches square HD Display
    2. Real time health monitoring— heart rate, SpO2, stress 
    3. 16 active sports modes
    4. HIIT Mode with personal animated coach
    5. 7 day long battery life

    Grab your Watch Mystiq at just 2799/-


    Experience The Magic with Watch Flash

    Last in the list of best smartwatch under 3000 is smartwatch boAt Flash. This 33mm LCD Display round dial smartwatch will win your heart. Watch Flash is your wellness partner that keeps an eye on you 24*7 – this makes it a great catch for anyone looking for the best smartwatch under 3000. Its 7 day long battery life is here to outrun your workouts. Not just this, you can easily control music & camera with just one tap on your smart watch! 

    Best Smartwatch Under 3000 - Watch Flash

    1. 33mm full touch LCD display
    2. IP68 sweat & water display
    3. 10 active sports modes
    4. 7 days long battery life
    5. 24*7 health monitoring

    Watch Flash is equipped with all these features & more at just 2299/-


    With their IPX ratings, all the boAt smartwatches fall under smartwatches for swimming. Wanna read more about IPX to understand it better? Read: How Effective is IPX Sweat & Splash Resistance?


    Not just this, every smartwatch comes with a guided meditation feature to help you stay relaxed after a long day. All these smart watches for women & men are packed with a plethora of features that too under 3000! So, get yours today!

    Until next time, hustlers.