The Power of Personalisation: Custom Watch Faces in Wearables

The Power of Personalisation: Custom Watch Faces in Wearables

Check out how with our DIY Watch Face Studio and customisable watch faces are revolusionising the wearables industry.

We live in a world where your wristwatch can become an extension of your personality. With the advent of custom watch faces and the rise of innovative watch face designer tools, the wearables industry is advancing rapidly.

That said, even the traditional watch face has evolved from providing basic functions to a customisable canvas of options. Understanding the changing necessities of users, boAt smartwatches elevate this. With a few taps and swipes, you can choose from a wide range of elements to create a watch face that is as unique and functional as you need it to be.

This is where boAt comes in. Our custom watch faces are a gateway to a world of possibilities. How, you may be wondering? Read on…

What is a Custom Watch Face?

A custom watch face refers to a personalised design or layout that can be added to the display of a smartwatch. You can optimise your device by selecting a variety of functions and visuals to appear on the screen.
To create a custom watch face, you can use a watch face designer tool that's built into boAt Crest App. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to customise various elements of the watch face, such as the background, colours, fonts, and also allows you to add widgets.

Advantages of Custom Watch Faces

Information Accessibility

A watch face that you designed helps you prioritise the information that matters most to you, without having to navigate through the menus. This allows for quick and convenient access to relevant data, such as calories burnt, step count etc.


As you create your own watch face with your own sense of design, it takes personalization and self-expression to the next level. You can express your individuality and style by creating a unique design that is an extension of your personality.


With the amount of flexibility that you get with cusomised watch faces, you can move beyond the basic watch faces and choose from a plethora of cloud watch faces and if that is not enough, you can make your own with DIY Watch face Studio (our watch face designer tool) to match your sense of style.


When you make your own watch face, you can choose what information you wish to see in the home screen for easy access. This makes it easier to access and get insights like step count, calories burnt by just glancing at the home screen of your smart watch.


With customized watch faces, the possibilities become limitless. You can make anything you want with anything you can possibly think of. This gives you limitless choices with the option of effortlessly switching between different styles and themes according to your outfit, which means unlimited adaptability.


Since you create your own watch faces, every design that you’ll create on the watch face designer tool will be unique be truly you. And with that, you can fashion your uniqueness on your smartwatch.

Impact on the Wearable Industry

Enhanced User Experience

Customisation, has taken user experience to the next level. Users can customise their watch faces to display the information and functionalities that are relevant to them. So when they wish to access information that they need the most, they can simply glance at the screen and get it.  

User Empowerment

With the choice of what your watch face will be displaying, it gives users control over their smartwatches. The user can now decide what their custom watch faces will show and how it will look and are not just limited to the options of preset watch faces.  This in a way gives user the power to fashion themselves the way they like by empowering them with unlimited choices.


Personalisation allows freedom of expression, and hence custom watch faces are getting popular in the wearables industry. Our smartwatches not only come with multiple functions and custom watch faces but are also extremely durable for the ultimate user experience. So, our boAtheads don’t have to choose between fashion and usability.
As technology advances, we can expect increasing potential and functionality to emerge, making personalised timekeeping an integral part of our daily lives.