One watch, different looks: Match your watch face with your outfit

One watch, different looks: Match your watch face with your outfit

There is a look for every walk of life. Find inspiration to make your own look with customisable watch faces.
The iconic Coco Chanel said it best – “Every day is a fashion show, and the world is your runway”. Her words ring true, especially today, when technology has embedded itself into virtually every part of our day-to-day and can even govern our sense of fashion. That said, it’s a two-way street and works just as well in reverse.
When it comes to fashion, accessories, even the technologically forward ones, have taken the world by storm. The most recent, although not new to the scene, is the ever-so-trendy smartwatch. Today, almost everyone wears one, but the question is, can it really help complete your daily style quotient as well?
Let’s put it this way if you have a boAt Smartwatch, it definitely can!
Aside from the extremely versatile hardware, boAt smartwatches feature a wide range of watchfaces, pre-loaded and customisable, that allows you to seamlessly change the way your watch looks depending on your outfit du jour. Here are some of the primary features to get started:
  • Download thousands of themes as a watchface to match your personal taste
  • Create your own watchface, complete with designing, colouring and embellishing
  • Choose from a wide palette of colours
  • Interchangeable watch straps to match different outfits
  • Choice of widgets like time, step count, heart rate monitor, blood pressure levels, stress level analysis and more
  • Track your workouts with a multitude of Sports modes
In fact, with the customisable watch face, you can match the watch to your outfit, setting and mood. Here's how -

For the Dedicated Gym-goer Look

Training at the gym or at home, your boAt Smartwatch dial can match your gear when you choose from a range of sporty styles. Of course, the major advantage is the watch’s ability to track your workout with 100+ Sports Modes.

The Dapper Executive Look

When dressing up for the office, don’t forget to set your watch face to properly match your professional attire. Choose a formal style so that whenever you check the time or take a call, your smartwatch always maintains its official composure.

For The Party Vibe

Letting your hair down on a weekend doesn’t mean you leave your smartwatch out of the loop. Your ready-to-party look can be accentuated with a stylish watch face that goes with your Little Black Dress (LBD), smart casuals, or even that trendy dinner jacket.

For the Festive Mood

Festivals and weddings are times to go back to our traditional routes, and the ever-so-popular ethnic look, complete with jewels and the full regalia, is the best way to do it. With custom straps and watch faces to match, boAt smartwatches have you covered.

For That One Lazy Day

Everyone needs that little ‘me’ time at home, in their pyjamas, getting ready to binge-watch their favourite series/movie. Switch to a simpler watch face that doesn’t give you more information than you need, and you’re all set.
One watch with five and more different uses. This takes versatility to a whole different level.
Customising the watch face of your boAt Smartwatch
Now that you know how your boAt smartwatch can complement different looks, it’s time to move to the technicalities - the process of customising a watch face.
Here are the steps to change the watch face per your preference –
  • Download the boAt Crest App on your smartphone and pair it with your smartwatch.
  • On the app, choose ‘More’ and then ‘Device Features.’ Choose ‘Watch Faces’ and then click on ‘Create Watch Face.’
  • Watch the tutorial before you proceed.
  • You will then be introduced to the tool to create a design. Start with the background from the available range of themes, colours, and image options.
  • You can also add different widgets - the date, health vitals like heart rate, steps taken, distance covered, battery level, etc. and also choose how the time is - digital or analogue.
  • There’s also a possibility of editing widgets - double tap a widget to access editing options. Now you can alter the functionality or appearance of the selected widget.
  • You can create multiple watch faces and save each one or select something from the many existing presets. You will find them under the ‘My watch faces’ section on the app.
Don’t settle for a generic watch when you can have a versatile, stylish, and customisable boAt Smartwatch to complement your every look. Channel your inner fashionista and make every day your runway with boAt.