Calling Smart Watch With Environmental Noise Cancellation

What is ENx™ Algorithm Technology in boAt Smartwatch?

Deep dive into what ENx Algorithm is and what it does in our brief explanation on how it works. 

Imagine the coolest tech on your BT calling smartwatch that suppresses the noise in the background to make your smartwatch calls a lot clearer than ever. That is precisely what our exclusive ENx Algorithm technology offers to fellow boAtheads.

Now, that is an offer too good to refuse, right?

If you have not guessed it by now, ENx stands for ‘Environment Noise Cancellation’. And it has transformed not just many of the boAt’s most popular earphones and headsets but also smartwatches with built-in Bluetooth calling function.

With the power of ENx Algorithm technology on your wrist, you can rest assured of clear voice calls – no matter where you are. Whether you want to ace that office call on your way to work or want to dial in your loved ones as you enjoy a beach party, every boAt BT calling smartwatch powered by ENx Algorithm will make sure that you get heard, thanks to crystal clear voice capturing. ENx Algorithm technology has the ability to differentiate between the human voice and any background sound and then use that information to suppress the noise in background.

Welcome to the future of noise cancellation in smartwatches. Just like you might have imagined! See how it works i the image below.

Calling Smart Watch With Environmental Noise Cancellation