Pitch CMO Summit: Product is now more important than the brand: Aman Gupta, boAt Lifestyle

The 12th edition of Pitch CMO Summit 2020 Mumbai witnessed luminaries from the world of marketing and had some enlightening sessions, one of which was delivered by Aman Gupta, Co-founder, boAt Lifestyle who presented his talk on – “boat, Sleep, Sound, Repeat!: The brand that made the uproar”.

Gupta kicked off his session by stating that boAt is the No. 1 earables brand according to IDC and it has reached this stage in the span of four years.

“We are a start-up focusing on launching India's first global lifestyle brand. Our brand is a reflection of our personality we are bold without being in your face. We are young without being immature, and importantly, we are witty without being boorish.”

He emphasized on the fact that boAt is a brand for millennials. “We are a digital first company. 100% of our money was spent on Instagram and Facebook. We target those in the 18-24 age group where we are No. 1.”

According to Gupta, there is a rise in the OTT market. Content and mobile market is also growing. Mobile penetration is growing too. So the accessories become a part of this market. The purchasing capacity is increasing as well.”

Gupta concluded his session with three takeways - first, marketing needs to be tuned considering millennials, second, product is becoming more important than brand and people are reading reviews before buying any product.


Watch the full video here 

March 11, 2020

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