The Ultimate Smartwatch Guide - Get The World On Your Wrist

The Ultimate Smartwatch Guide - Get The World On Your Wrist

With boAt smart watches, carry the world on your wrist and make life easier for you with integrated controls, easy access, and hassle free technology. Say yes to fitness!

Time Is Money. Save Yours By Investing In A Smart Watch Right Now.

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Watches have been a part of us as an accessory and necessity since time immemorial. You can never beat time but you surely can keep a track, right?

Just like everything else, watches have evolved too! Now, they don’t just tell you time but they also keep a check on your activities and fitness. From tracking your activities, to measuring your stress levels, and taking calls - your smartwatch will do it all! 

Smart watches have changed the game by topping the leaderboard of the most awesome innovations ever! Read ahead and come along on this path that we have carved especially for you to do away with your confusion of “Want to Buy - But What to Buy?". Here is a guide for you to know it all.



Why You Need A Smartwatch

Let the collision of fashion and innovation answer as to what you can achieve with this smart wearable on your wrist. let's see the benefits of a smart friend! Choose The Perfect Wearable For Your Day.

Fitness & Health Coach


Your Fitness Coach On Your Wrist

A healthy life starts with a healthy routine! And smart fitness watches are quite beneficial in maintaining a healthy routine and lifestyle. They track your steps, distance covered and give you details about your calories burnt.

Not only this, but many fitness tracker watches also come with activity modes for various physical activities like running, treadmill, hiking, and so on - this is useful for the ones who are always trying to break their own records or someone who is finally going to answer their long lost call of maintaining a fitness routine. The activity trackers continuously measure your performance and motivate you to do better, every time!



It’s common knowledge that blood transports oxygen to the organs by filtering it through the lungs and oxygen is very much essential for your body to function.

Some of the best fitness trackers come with a feature where they continuously measure your blood oxygen saturation levels. This has become all the more important in current times where dropping oxygen levels have become a grave sign of worsening of the Covid-19 infection.


Keeps A Tab On Your Heart

A healthy heart is critical for the overall well-being of the human body! And with a smartwatch on your wrist, you can monitor your heart-rate 24*7! This helps you ensure that you don’t overdo your exercise and stay safe while you work out. Secondly, they help you find your workout sweet spot; this is the pace you need to go at that keeps you moving while also keeping your heart rate balanced.


Your Sleep Analyst

Some days, you wake up refreshed. Others, it feels like you barely slept at all. What separates the good nights from the bad isn’t always clear! But with a smartwatch that can also track your sleep, you can get valuable insights regarding your sleep cycle. It monitors your sleep patterns for a clearer picture of how much quality sleep you’re getting, how long you are in deep, light, or REM sleep, as well as how many times you wake up a night, and if your breathing and heart rate are normal. You can use this information to help optimize your sleep experience.


A Partner That Really Cares

For all our women friend’s out there, some smartwatches come with a special feature that helps you track menstrual cycles. This feature comes handy if you are someone who often forgets their last date and is useful in avoiding any surprises! Put Everything Else To Rest With The Best Smartwatch For Girls.


De- Stress Buddy

If you are thinking that smartwatches only take care of your physical wellbeing, then you are mistaken!

When busy life, demanding jobs, and endless chores have made our lives stressful, smartwatches come as our saviors by reminding us to take a break whenever it becomes a little too much. Many fitness smart bands come with a wellness mode that provides you with guided breathing that helps you lower your heart rate and destress. It helps you in calming down and relaxing! Some of them even give you reminders to drink water. This helps in ensuring that your body is well-hydrated while your mind is well and calm.

Smart Features

Your Travel Companion

For individuals who are on the move, these smart wearables come as a blessing! Since they sit on your wrist, the ability to view glanceable information quickly is highly advantageous. Especially when you are on the ‘road less travelled’, they can act as your guide!

Additionally, some smartwatches also offer a weather forecast feature which gives you a heads up and helps you plan your day better!
There is also one interesting feature that can be helpful for the forgetful ones - ‘Find My Phone’! If you are someone who often misplaces their device then you can count on this one to find it!

Instant Access To Notifications & Calls

We all love social media! Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp - we love knowing what’s happening around the world.

Well, with a smartwatch you can get access to all of this on your wrist! While some smartwatches just show you these notifications, some of them even allow you to interact with the application too! They give out vibration alerts and display the name of the caller whenever there’s an incoming call! This gives you the freedom from reaching out to your handset every time it vibrates or pings! 


Control Your Music & Camera

Who doesn’t like to be in charge of their entertainment? Well, with this smart wearable, you will be able to control your two favorite things - music & camera!

Smartwatches allow you to have an easy access to your playlist on the phone so that you don’t have to break the flow of the activity you are doing.

You can also depend upon them to take beautiful and flawless pictures & selfies as you can control your phone’s camera from your wrist!


Bring out your sporty side with smartwatches that understand you! Sweat that intensive workout and enjoy that run under the clouds because boAt smart watches have always got your back. Never worry about your goals as these life and habit changing watches will help define you! This is How A Smartwatch Can Help Improve Everyday Life.

Buying A Smartwatch


Screen Size & Type

Having the right type of screen type and size is essential for you to fully enjoy the exceptional features of your fashionable wearable. For it is only through this tiny part of the watch that you are going to engage with, it’s imperative to have a decent understanding of the types before making a purchase.

We will talk about two of the main types of displays - AMOLED & LCD. Both come with their own set of pros and cons:

AMOLED: These types of displays offer the most vivid colors with amazing contrast ratios (distance in color from darkest to lightest). Because the display can individually light up pixels, and likewise leave some pixels turned off entirely, this means the screen can easily achieve power efficiency that is rarely seen on smartphone displays, leading to better battery life.

But AMOLED display is also more vulnerable to damage. Much like an old string of Christmas lights, if a single pixel is damaged, it can cause the entire screen to stop displaying altogether. There is also a higher chance of a burn-in happening here as over time the pixels can get “stuck” showing a specific image or color.

LCD: This type of display is way easier to read in a bright light. LCD screens display colors that more accurately reflect those of objects here in the real world versus through a viewfinder. However, LCDs cannot achieve deep blacks – The presence of an always on backlight to illuminate a screen regardless of how much of the screen is black means that it will never get as dark as an AMOLED screen can. Additionally, because the LCD also requires a backlight behind it, the screen will always take up more internal volume of a phone, limiting how thin and light designs can be.

Bluetooth Calling (Upcoming Feature)

Get ready to experience the future of calling - from your wrist! Yes, with Bluetooth calling features you can now answer calls without reaching out to your smartphone. Your smartwatch will display the name of the caller and give you an option to accept or decline a call. You can have a delightful conversation through the watch’s loudspeaker. All that you need to ensure is that you are within the Bluetooth coverage range of your smartphone.

Water Resistance

Water is one of the biggest enemies of any gadget. When it comes to watches, they are generally at a high risk of getting damaged due to their constant presence on our wrist! That’s why, today most of the smartwatches come with some sort of water resistance.

Water resistance is measured by Ingress Protection / International Protection (IP) or atmosphere (ATM) ratings. Let’s know about them in detail:

IP Rating: The IP rating is defined as the water and dust resistance for electronics. A rating of IP followed by X and a number means the item has been tested in water only. IP followed by two numbers means testing has been completed for dust/dirt resistance (first number) and water resistance (second number).

ATM Rating: These are the measurements used by the watch industry to denote the amount of pressure a watch can withstand. This is not the depth to which the watch can be worn. ATM stands for atmosphere. 1 atmosphere is equal to about 10 meters or roughly 30 feet.

Battery Life & Charging

Just like your smartphone, your smart wearables like the smartwatch run on a rechargeable battery. On an average, a smart bracelet like this can last up to 7-10 days on normal usage and offer you a standby of up to 30 days.

However, it is always advisable to think what will be your primary usage and the amount of battery it might consume before making a decision! Because you certainly don’t want a smartwatch that dies before you have even made it to home from work.

NFC Support (For Quick Payments And Quick Access To Mobile Phones)

NFC is a wireless technology used to transfer data between connected devices. When two smartphones are brought near to each other, data can securely exchange files within a few seconds.

NFC is popularly used for contactless payments. With an NFC device and a supported app, you don’t need to carry your credit cards around, payments can be made directly by tapping the back of the device onto the reader. Smartwatches with NFC can further be used to make quick payments.


One of the biggest advantages of having a good smartwatch is that you can customize it as per your mood! Most watches provide you a wide range of options of watch faces and themes that can instantly amp up the look & feel of your watch. Be it a casual day at work, a pool party or a night party at a pub - you will always have something that matches your look. You can even pick any image of your own choice and put that as a watch face. And if you are thinking that all of this will take up a lot of your space - well, then we would like to tell you that boAt’s watches use cloud storage. On top of this, many smart wearable brands often form partnerships with various brands and come up with a range that is specific to a certain theme. So whatever fandom is it that you follow, you can always find something that satisfies your inner nerd!

Difference Between A Smartwatch
And Fitness Band

When it comes to smart wearables, this is one of the most frequently asked questions! However, in order to understand this, you need to have a better understanding of what these individual things do and how can they impact your life:

A smartwatch, as the name suggests is a smart device that is designed to make your life smart. A fitness band on the other hand specifically caters to your fitness needs.


The main difference between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch is the list of features and smart abilities. A smartwatch is generally going to have all of the same fitness tracking abilities as a fitness tracker and then some more; for instance, most smartwatches have heart rate sensors and built-in GPS for more accurate health tracking, along with coaching and specific workout-tracking, which only the most advanced fitness trackers have.

Smartwatches have more advanced smart features, too, like music control and built-in Bluetooth (to connect to wireless headphones), built-in mics for calls and voice assistant, camera controls, and so on.

The one feature that most feature fitness trackers have is battery life. Because smartwatches have large bright displays and are way more demanding in terms of power, they tend to drain out faster as compared to their counterparts - fitness bands.

Smartwatch Comparison & Features

Display size 1.3 1.54 1.3 1.3
Heart rate monitor
Fitness tracker
spO2 X
Bluetooth version 4.2 4.2 5 4.2
Water Resistance 5 ATM 3 ATM IP68 5 ATM
Battery Life 7-10 days 7-10 days 7-10 days 7-10 days
Charging time 1 - 1.5H 1 - 1.5H 1 - 1.5H 1 - 1.5H
Other Features Cloud-based watch faces, music control, weather Built-in watch faces, music control, weather Cloud-based watch faces, music control, weather Cloud-based watch faces, in-built GPS, music control, weather
Price 2999/- 2999/- 2999/- 3999/-

Best Smart Watches of 2021


boAt Watch Xplorer

Unleash the inner adventurer in you with this smart fitness watch! Strongly built and aesthetically designed, it comes with a 1.3” TFT color screen which offers full touch control! The 5ATM rating gives you the confidence to take up any challenge, without any second thoughts!

It gives you reminders to stand up and counts your steps and distance! This is really helpful, considering the sedentary nature of our jobs! The multiple activity tracker modes like outdoor running, indoor walking, spinning bike, cricket, hiking etc. allows you track all your activities efficiently! The breathe training mode helps you relax and unwind after a heated session of burning the calories! And if you have set any target, you can also set up a target reaching reminder which will motivate you to push your limit and go the extra mile! Carve Your Own Path with The All-New Watch Xplorer.

With this, you are guaranteed to never miss out on important calls or notifications. You can even set up reminders for events or meetings to constantly stay in touch.



boAt Watch Flash

Flaunt your style and be in charge of your fitness with this spectacular smartwatch! Packed with a 33mm LCD display and a perfectly round dial, boAt Flash will make your jaws drop in awe and wonder! To top it all, the eye-catching metallic finish comes in dual colors - what an absolute beauty!

Apart from monitoring your heart and blood SpO2 levels 24*7, it also comes with an activity tracker that makes your workout way more easier. This fitness tracker smartwatch also comes with an IP68 rating which means that you can now sweat it out without any worries!

Curated controls for camera and music make your life smarter and reduce the dependency of reaching out to your phone every now and then! You can choose from 6 watch faces and be assured of always being high on style. The 7-day long battery life of this smartwatch gives you the power to make your everyday smarter and simpler! Flaunt Your Fitness with the All-New Watch Flash.


boAt Watch Storm

A perfect companion for those who have it in them to take the world by a storm! Loaded with many phenomenal features, this smart bracelet is a perfect blend of beauty & technology!

Its 1.3” full touch 2.5D display with metal casing looks absolutely gorgeous and allows you to easily see and navigate through various apps and features! Its changeable straps also allow you to funk it up as per your mood! Additionally, you can also change the faces of the dial and choose from more than 100 downloadable watch faces. The fact that it comes with 5ATM water resistance makes you free to take up any challenge, without any worry!

With the boAt Storm on your wrist, you can always stay on the top of your health! With its daily tracker and 9 active modes like running, hiking, walking, cycling, yoga and more, you can make the most of your workout! It also helps to keep a track on your calorie burnt count, steps taken and distance covered. Additionally, you can also monitor your sleep and keep a check on your heart 24X7! However, what’s interesting to note here is the fact that it doesn’t just take care of your physical health. It comes with a mode that helps you manage your stress levels with guided breathing! And for all the lovely women out there, this smart fitness watch will also keep a track of your menstrual cycle!

It keeps you connected to the world by bringing all the notifications from your favorite social media apps to your wrist! Stay in charge of your entertainment as you can now control the music with your wrist and groove to your favorite beats, flowing melodiously from your earbuds without any hassle! boAt Watch Storm - The Smartwatch To Look Out For In 2021.


boAt Watch Enigma

The boAt Enigma smart watch is a star which will instantly dazzle you with it’s gorgeous looks, perfect body and splendid features! Enjoy your trips, optimize your workout, and upgrade your style game instantly with ease with this smart bracelet on your wrist!

It’s full-touch color display with complete capacitive touch experience and touch responsiveness allows you to take control! The wellness mode with a 24*7 heart rate monitor allows you to track your fitness routine. It’s perfect for you if you are into high-intensity workouts!

It notifies you when your heart rate gets abnormally low or high and also lets you monitor blood oxygen SpO2 levels. The smart activity tracker comes with 8 active sports modes like running, walking, climbing, riding etc. It gives you live weather updates as well as a weather forecast for 15 days!

With Guided Meditative Breathing, the smart fitness watch guides you on mindfulness and breath awareness to help lower your heart rate and decrease your stress levels. The ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’ will shush all your notifications (except for alarms) while you meditate while smart gestures allow you to control your watch.

What’s more? It comes with smart gestures that allow you to take control: just raise your hand to wake the watch and shake your wrist to change watch faces!

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Being the #5 wearable brand globally, boAt ensures you get the best of both worlds - smartness and innovation. With boAt smart watches, carry the world on your wrist and make life easier for you with integrated controls, easy access, and hassle free technology. Say yes to fitness!