Flaunt And Flourish With The Best Smartwatches Under 5000

Flaunt And Flourish With The Best Smartwatches Under 5000

The only smartwatches to consider under 5000!

Do you remember your new year goal that has been delayed for like three years now? Oh wow! No one even said a word about fitness yet here you are thinking just about that. Your goal to join the gym or yoga class has been long pending for every new year you don’t even remember.

And now you are stressed. Stressing on the fact that you aren’t able to stay fit while you already have so much to stress about in your life. Relax. We at boAt hear you and we care about you. This place right here is a one-stop-shop and solution for your fitness and wellness to live your life, stress-free!

Meet your companions who don't lack communication or commitment and will always be there for you.


Storm defines its name with not just one but all its features. This is one smartwatch that outsmarts humans too!

With its full touch 2.5D curved display, this smartwatch is not something you want but it is something you need. Storm tracks and transforms your health and lifestyle with its Wellness mode; it monitors your sleep, heart rate, and blood oxygen level. It is safe to say that this fitness band is working for you even when you are asleep.

With its full touch-responsive display, view and respond to all your notifications smartly; no more distraction while driving! Having nine different sports modes and 5ATM water resistance, this smartwatch allows you to stay fit, hot and healthy while sweating all you can. This watch doesn't mind your sweat. Storm is here to take care of your workout as well as relaxation. You don't believe me?

Well, its guided breathing feature will help you calm down and meditate, keeping both your body and mind healthy. A screaming boss? Well, your smartwatch got you. One thing that makes Storm standout is the level of consideration of its inventors.

This has to be the best smartwatch for girls with its Menstruation Cycle tracker feature. Ladies, you may not trust your man to be able to predict moods but the best smartwatch in the world not only predicts your mood but also tracks your cycle and notifies you when you gotta stock the munchies and hotpad up!

No unnecessary applications on the phone now. Your watch will do it all for you. With over 100 different looks for the watch display, get ready to be surprised every day.


  • Full-touch 2.5D curved display
  • Bluetooth v4.2
  • Operating temperature “-20°C- “45°C”
  • Menstruation tracker 
  • 9 Activity modes
  • Works 8-10days while you work just 5!



With its round dial and a battery life that outruns your expectations, FLASH is here to win hearts and your wrists! With a 33mm LCD Display and a slim, sleek, eye-catching metallic finish design, Watch Flash will leave you flabbergasted and wanting for more! 

Get yourself a partner who monitors your heart rate and blood oxygen level SpO2 even while you are asleep. Who wouldn’t want that? You can have that vigorous workout session and a relaxed sleep for Flash has guided meditation for you! Have a battery performance that leaves you in awe for depending upon your usage the battery can last upto 7 days. 

With 10 activity sports mode and activity tracker this watch is watching you. With live forecasts, six watch faces for you to choose from, IP68 and music and camera controls as well, you bet Flash will be the flawless part of you! Have the world on your wrist and operate just by touching, that is what Flash will be for you.


  • Battery that outruns your workouts
  • 24*7 tracking of your heart rate and oxygen levels
  • IP68 to shield from water, sweat and dust
  • One tap to access camera, music and notifications


Are you looking for a watch which is featuring a full touch colour display with wellness mode that works 24*7 while also monitoring your heart rate? Well, ladies and gentlemen get ready to be enchanted by the one and only- ENIGMA!

Enigma monitors your heart rate and also keeps a check on the blood oxygen SPO2 levels, making sure you are fit and healthy. It is a lifelong companion for the people who do high-intensity workouts, so to shed that extra fat start smartly with Enigma!

With its “Always On” mode it makes sure you’re being guarded and protected even when you’re fast asleep. To save battery life, this smartwatch comes with an Eco Mode to put all inactive features to sleep, making things easier for you. Enigma is ready for you, sweat or heat, it is the one thing that is going to cling to your wrist without judgements.

With 8 active sports modes, it allows you to experience the fitness lifestyle at your own discretion. Having the 3ATM water resistance, go for that swim you’ve been wanting to as it will be by your side even underwater (not too deep). 

Want to work out in the open? Well, stay stress-free! This ahead of its time smartwatch is going to give you real-time weather updates and also a weather forecast for 15 days!

We can safely say that enigma is the right choice of smartwatch amongst the smartwatches both for boys and girls. 


  • Full touch colour display
  • Always On feature for you to rest properly 
  • Eco Mode to save on life and battery
  • 3ATM Water Resistant
  • 8 Active Sports modes 
  • Commitment to be there for you in sweat and heat!
  • Operating temperature- “10°C- 40°C
  • Bluetooth range- 10M


Right here are all the reasons why you should start working out on the goals you set for yourself. Have a new start today with the best smartwatches in the world.

These smartwatches come with a promise to be there through thick and thin, sweat and relaxation and c’mon, has anyone ever looked so attractive yet committing to you? For once invest in something you won’t regret! A smart gear for a smarter and more confident life.