Put Everything Else To Rest With The Best Smartwatch For Girls

Put Everything Else To Rest With The Best Smartwatch For Girls

Ladies! These are the smartwatches you'll ever need.

Hello ladies! Time is moving too fast, isn't it? Managing all our worlds in the best of ways, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. The planned workouts are still on hold and we don't even realize when we jump from one painful menstrual cycle to another. 

How we wish there was something invented keeping us and our struggles primarily in mind. Well, this isn’t a fairy-tale but your wishes have been granted! How? Read along to find the answer to your long asked question.


We at boAt have found the perfect blend of technology and emotions. Storm is at best and at the service of all the women around the globe. It is easy, interactive and less complicated than our lives.

Women do you know that a watch can do so much more than telling you what time it is? No? Well, your perception is about to change. Here, we bring to you the storm that will help calm the thunder by notifying and keeping you updated on your menstrual cycle’s commencement.

Yes, you heard it right. Storm will be your go-to friend who will advise you on your workout sessions. With its wellness mode, it will track and transform your health by monitoring your sleep, heart rate and daily activities. Storm will be your personal cheerleader who also cares about your health and your mood swings (which are too prominent and recurring while you are on your monthly cycle).

A smartwatch that not only acts as a fitness band but also keeps a track of your menstrual cycle so that you know when you have to stock up on the munchies and curl up with a heating pad! With 9 different sports modes, storm will sweep you off your feet right onto the yoga mat. You better start being healthy NOW!


  • Menstruation cycle tracker
  • Guided breathing for meditation
  • Full touch-responsive display
  • Wellness mode
  • Find my phone feature before you start losing your mind
  • 5 ATM water resistance



Enigma is the best smartwatch for women that can be out there. With a promising design, this smartwatch will make you smarter. We know how we women love attention, don’t we?

The right amount of love, care and comfort. Someone who would stay up all night just to make sure we are fine. Well, guess what ladies? Enigma here is the answer to all these needs and wishes.

With its “Always On” feature it makes sure that it is monitoring your heart rate and looking after you even when you’re asleep. Eco mode puts all inactive features to sleep, saving the battery from draining out.

With Enigma you can workout and enjoy your trips, with its 3 ATM water resistance, it is ready to take your sweat and dive with you as well! Now go on, have high-intensity workouts, and come back to relax with the guided breathing that it offers you.

By giving you real-time weather updates as well as a weather forecast for 15 days, it makes sure you are always ready for the challenges outdoors.

With you through thick and thin, Enigma is not afraid of commitment, unlike the partner you are thinking of. Now see yourself, where is it worth investing more?


  • Full touch colour display
  • Wellness mode to be there for you 24*7
  • Always On feature
  • Eco Mode to save on battery and time
  • Bluetooth Range 10M
  • 8 Active Sports Modes



    Ladies, it is time for you to flaunt your fitness with Flash! With the round dial and six different watch faces, you will be working out and winning the world in style!

    The 33mm LCD display and slim, sleek, eye-catching metallic finish will make you stand out from the crowd! With 10 active sports modes and an activity tracker, nothing can stop you from ruling the world like the boss you are!

    With Flash, have a partner who looks after you 24*7 monitoring your heart rate and Blood Oxygen spO2 level even while you fall asleep. To keep you calm and never let that face lose its shine, Flash has guided breathing to help you meditate and break free from all the stress and focus on yourself! With 7-day battery life and weather forecast at your service, Flash is here to rule the world along with you.


    • 33mm LCD Display
    • Blood oxygen spO2
    • Menstruation cycle tracker
    • Magnetic Charging cable
    • Find my phone feature 
    • IP68 water resistance


      Ladies, it is high time that we stop running after things that yield nothing and go after the ones that actually give us something. Have a smartwatch for a smarter you. 

      These are the best smartwatches for girls and smartwatches for women as well. If you are looking for something to complete you, look no further. These smartwatches ain’t no commitment-phobic and this is why they are the best smartwatches meant only for you.