Hear The Unheard With The Best Noise-Cancelling Earbuds 2021

Hear The Unheard With The Best Noise-Cancelling Earbuds 2021

Check out the best noise-cancelling earbuds of 2021!

It is 2021 and we cannot settle for less, can we? We always want the best of everything whether gadgets or food, then why would we settle for anything but the best when it comes to music? Cancel out the world and opinions when you are having a musical affair with yourself! Let everything cease to exist when you are focusing on the things that liberate your soul.

We at boAt thrive to give you the best of the lot, whether speakers, earbuds headphones or a wonderful time! Read on to find out the best noise-cancelling true wireless earbuds that are designed especially for you from us.

Airdopes 621

Drench yourself in the ocean of good times and tremendously good sound with Airdopes 621. What do we need to concentrate on WFH or while we are creating a piece of art or in fact just vibing?

Good music and a disturbance-free zone. Well, even if you are sitting in a room full of people, you can now shut the conversations off and make your surroundings almost non-existent with the boAt signature sound and noise-cancelling feature with these wireless earbuds.

Let the music play in your head and feel nothing in your ears for these light feather weighing earbuds will make your ears feel burdenless and keep them company with its mountainous playback time of 150 hours! Run, Sweat, face the rains splitter and splatter while never settling for less because with IPX7 the dope Airdopes 621 are water and sweat resistant.

With technology getting ahead as the time passes by, your favourite gadgets are catching up too! “How” you ask? Well, these earbuds come with fast charging and a pocket-friendly 2600mAh charging case that makes sure you never leave your house with a pinch of style and a bucket full of blasting yet soothing music! 

It is time to experience the world of your choice.

Airdopes 381

Next in line are the Bluetooth earbuds Airdopes 381 which are here for you to focus on your growth and goals shutting the unnecessary noises out and only focusing on the ones that matter!

Equipped with 7mm drivers giving you immersive HD sound, it is your time to groove and dance like no one is watching (and with noise-cancelling features feel that way too) when we compare the Airdopes in this list, the differences are not too many but the similarities? They are all designed to give you the time of your life and music quality that sets the bar higher than any other brand! 

Airdopes 381 come with IPX5 which enables you to have outdoor adventures without worrying about water or dust! Having seamless connectivity with Bluetooth v5.0 enjoy your day without worrying about being disconnected from the music and enjoy non stop 20 hours of music!

It is time for you to binge-watch with pin-drop silence as if you’re watching the series in a movie theatre. With a 500mAh pocket-friendly case, these Airdopes are here for you, so are the good times!

Airdopes 121 v2

Let's make fun tenfold with these truly wireless earbuds which are designed only for you! At boAt, you will find choosing the products a very homely affair for each one of them is designed in such a way that fits all your wants and needs!

You have a favourite singer and band, now have your favourite audio wear too with blasting music and top-notch audio clarity with Airdopes 121 v2! Airdopes 121 v2 gives you instant connectivity with Insta Wake n’ Pair technology and makes you stay connected seamlessly with Bluetooth v5.0.

The battery capacity and quick charging is something that will not let you think twice before choosing these earphones for a longer run. Airdopes come with passive noise cancellation for you to stay focused and work on your priorities unapologetically. It is 2021 of course.

Go with the flow and have yourself the best piece of cake with a powerpack music for up to 14 hours, these earphones are here for you. Being light weight, have no feels in your ears and with 8mm dynamic drivers which provide immersive sound for your soul to find what it has been searching for. 

Airdopes 711

Last but not the least on our specially curated list, we have the blissful, commendable and truly wireless earphones: Airdopes 711 at your service!

Enjoy music nonstop for 50hours and with cVc 8.0™ experience noise isolation like never before. Lose yourself in the music and float in between reel and reality seamlessly for the outside world will cease to exist. These Airdopes also come with dual mics for a better calling experience so that work calls are nothing but efficient!

Coming with different modes, the Crystal Clear mode lets you hear the ambient sounds clearly even with earphones plugged in. hence, make decisions at our own discretion! IPX5 water and sweat resistance make sure you are never resistant to good times!

One better than the other but none not worth buying! Being light on your ears and pockets, boAt has the best Airdopes at your disposal which are truly wireless in all senses. These Bluetooth earbuds have everything you need in and out and will be the best choice for noise cancelling earbuds in 2021! The world is moving ahead and so are our earphones, pacing up day by day.

So don’t you wait no more and become a part of this tribe by buying the best in the market that we provide!