Don’t Miss Out On These Things While Buying A Smartwatch

Don’t Miss Out On These Things While Buying A Smartwatch

Things to keep in mind when buying a smart watch!

Watches have always been a staple when we talk about everyday accessories. Over the decades, we have seen them being bought, worn, gifted, and passed down generations as an heirloom.

However, over time these have evolved from just being a device for timekeeping. With the constant evolution of technology, current watches offer a lot more and are useful accompaniments to smartphones! 

While digital watches have been around for a few decades, it’s only after 2010’s that the tech industry started up-scaling and invented a smarter and sleeker version of the usual watches: the Smartwatches 

Smartwatches are portable smart devices that you wear on your wrist and with a wide array of features, they help you make your life easier, healthier, and smarter! Due to their versatile nature, they now top the popularity list in the ‘wearable technology’ section!

From youngsters to working professionals, everyone can make use of them for different reasons. So for when you want to upgrade your fitness regimes and want your watch to be a lot more than just a time-telling device, you should definitely consider buying your first smartwatch! 

Here is a quick guide to buy and instantly fall in love with the best smartwatch.

1. How well is it built? 

A good smartwatch ought to be sturdy as well as stylish! Just like any other accessory, it’s very much important to find one that suits your wrist and your size!

Some of the best smartwatches in India even come in different sizes, for men & women! The preference for the thickness of the strap or the screen can vary from person to person. Also, if you get all sweaty real quick or are someone who works out regularly (be it at a gym, or home), a waterproof smartwatch is something you should be looking for!

So check for the material before making your purchase! As you are going to wear it on your wrist all the time, you don’t want an accidental splash or your sweat to ruin your favourite gadget! 

2. Display and notifications 

Just like smartphones, every smartwatch has a different display. Some of them include a full touchscreen with brilliant colour and HD quality, while others provide a simpler screen.

Best Smartwatch

Furthermore, some watches only display the icons while updating you on the arrival of any message while some of the best smartwatches 2020 show you the entire message. Make sure that you have a detailed look at this as this feature is critical for your usage and interaction with your smartwatch. 

3. Does it work with your phone? 

This is one of the most important things that you should be keeping in mind! Look at what platform the smartwatch runs on.

As you are going to sync these with your mobile phones to get real-time notifications and keep track of your health, it’s very important to check for this compatibility. If you are going to pair your smartwatch with your non - iOS device then go for Android Smartwatches.

4. How powerful is the battery? Or How long will it tick?

This is however a tricky thing to fathom as it depends on the usage. Think about the primary use of your smartwatch and then look at the number of hours it can stand by or what kind of battery backup it comes with!

However, most smartwatches can charge over a couple of hours, but it’s always good to have one that doesn’t drain out easily or rapidly! 

5. Does it support fitness features?

If you are conscious about fitness then having a fitness tracker smartwatch is a must for you!

Many of the top smartwatches come with an in-built pedometer that counts your steps, monitors your heart rate, keeps a tab on your menstrual cycle while helping you stay fit with numerous sports modes! Some of them even give you reminders to lead a healthy life!

Since individuals have different needs, you can select the one that helps you keep a check on your desired parameters for staying fit.


Now that you have glanced over some of the critical things that you should keep in mind while buying a smartwatch, here’s introducing you to one of the best Bluetooth smartwatches in India: boAt's Watch Storm.

One of the sharpest looking smartwatches for men & women, this is a powerhouse of style, performance and class!

Endorsing a 1.3” Full Touch Screen with 2.5D Curved display, this smartwatch from boAt provides you with a plethora of interesting features like real-time monitoring of heart rate, keeping a track of your steps, vibration alerts for calls, messages or social media notifications, guided meditative breathing for mindfulness and so on!

You can select from the 9 sports modes like climbing, walking, running and so on to get a more detailed analysis of your physical activities! The curated control features allow you to play, pause or navigate through your favourite tracks easily!

What’s more? It also supports a ‘Find My Phone’ feature that lets you find your phone whenever you lose it by mistake! Overall, this is an ideal smartwatch that will help you at the gym, the office, and everywhere in between!