boAt Watch Storm - The Smartwatch To Look Out For In 2021

boAt Watch Storm - The Smartwatch To Look Out For In 2021

'Watch' out for the Storm!

There is no denying the fact that 2020 was a tough year! But now as we have entered 2021, it’s time to re-energise and get ready to take charge of our lives! And we have something that can really come handy to up your game and will help you increase your productivity. It will not only make your life smarter but will also help in keeping a tab on your physical and mental health!

Meet boAt’s Smartwatch Storm, a must-have gadget that is exclusively designed for the people who have it in them to take the world by a storm! 

This smart wearable is loaded with so many interesting features and looks absolutely breathtaking! With this smartwatch at your wrist, you are bound to remove any obstructions in your path to a happier and healthier lifestyle!

Without any further ado, let’s dive in and see what makes it the best smartwatch for 2021:

Smart Look and Strong Build

As we understand that you are going to wear it on your wrist and would want something that compliments your style, boAt watch Storm is gorgeously designed to up your fashion game! 

Its 1.3” full touch 2.5D display with metal casing looks absolutely gorgeous and allows you to easily see and navigate through various apps and features! Its changeable straps also allow you to funk it up as per your mood! Additionally, you can also change the faces of the dial and choose from more than 100 downloadable watch faces. 

But it’s not only all looks! It also comes with 5ATM water resistance that keeps it safe from any accidental water splash or sweat! So, don’t hesitate to carry it on your treks, runs or gym! As this smartwatch for men and women will keep you company everywhere! 

Track your Daily Activities 

What if we told you that you can have your personal fitness coach on your wrist? Well, you can actually have that with this smartwatch!

With its daily tracker and 9 active modes like running, hiking, walking, cycling, yoga and more, it helps you to make the most of your workout! It also helps to keep a track on your calorie burnt count, steps taken and distance covered.

Not only this, you can also monitor your sleep and keep a check on your heart 24X7 with readings on blood pressure and heart rate! What comes as an added advantage is the fact that you can also check your blood SPO2 levels! Interesting, right? 

Helps you meditate

Well, if you thought it only takes care of your physical health alone, then you are wrong! 

As there’s no doubt to the fact that we all go through a lot throughout the day - there’s office, there’s house work and to top it all - we all are fighting a pandemic! 

In these difficult times, it’s really important to keep a check on your stress levels and indulge in some meditative activities that help you relax and keep calm. It comes packed with a feature for guided breathing that helps you unwind. This helps in lowering your heart beat and reduces stress!

Period tracker

For all our lovely women out there, we understand how difficult it is to keep a track of the next date! 

As nobody likes those sudden surprises and most of us forget about the last date, say hello to your new best friend that predicts and informs you about your menstrual health! 

This smartwatch for girls comes with a menstrual cycle tracker that comes really handy in avoiding any unpleasant situations and reminds you beforehand. 

Keeps you connected

Who just posted a photo? Where did your best friend just check into? What’s trending today? Who’s calling? We all are addicted to social media these days! And why not? That’s where most of the action happens!

Stay connected to all of that and to the world as boAt storm sends smart alerts for notifications for messages, social media alerts, alarms, reminders and more! You even get vibration alerts whenever someone calls your phone!

Take charge of your music

Enjoy your music to the fullest and stop reaching out to your phone every time you want to skip a song or pause it! You can do it all with a few clicks on your smart watch!

Never lose your phone

Where is my phone? Did you see my phone? Where do I even keep my phone? Can you call on my phone? I’ve lost it somewhere! -  Sounds like you? 

Well, if you have this smartwatch, you can easily locate your phone! As it comes with a find my phone feature that helps you find your device whenever you don’t remember where you kept it!

In conclusion, we can say only one thing - get this smartwatch now and give your life the makeover it deserves! This beauty with brains is definitely going to make a difference in your daily activities and up your fashion game!