Wired Or Wireless Headphones - Which One To Pick?

Wired Or Wireless Headphones - Which One To Pick?

All you need to know about wired and wireless headsets before you go out and buy one!

Friend: Will you help me untangle my earphones?
Me: No, Will Knot!

We all have been in a situation like this! And many of us have even drifted to wireless options available in the market. But every time we decide to get a new pair of earphones, we all are haunted by the following question - to go wireless or not to. However it sounds (pun intended) like a very simple decision, it’s not!

Wired headphones or wireless earbuds, both come with their own set of advantages and it’s completely up to a user to decide which one suits their requirement. And in order to do that, the first thing one should do is identify the usage and the preferences. 

Do you want something that you can use at work or something that can become a workout companion. Are you looking for something that you can easily connect with a wider range of systems or do you want something that you can easily slide into your pockets and move around with music? Are you an audiophile who just cannot compromise on the sound quality or are you someone who prefers convenience more?

Once you have done that analysis, read on as we try to break and hopefully help you find the one that fits your needs!

Going Wireless, Going Carefree!

Tell us honestly - how many times have you been listening to your music with wired headphones only to accidentally rip them out of your ears on the corner of a table or a doorknob? If the answer is more than often then you can leave your worries behind with true wireless earbuds

You can connect them to your phone, computer, or tablet and have the freedom to walk up to 50 feet away from the device and still groove to your favorite tunes . It makes practically every task easier as you are no longer physically tethered to your device.

Another advantage of these earbuds is the fact they are highly portable and absolutely easy to carry around. They are accompanied with a charging cum carry case that can easily fit into your pocket.

On top of that they are absolutely lightweight and sit perfectly inside your ears to provide you comfort. You can easily depend on them to pump out high energy music while you sweat it out at the gym! 

And if you live for finer things then these earbuds will allow you to fully enjoy the added features like hands-free calling and managing your music. As your hands do not require you to carry your phone around everywhere!

However, some might find the fact that you have to charge them before using a tad bit annoying as we generally tend to forget such things! But this should not bother much as boAt’s true wireless earbuds provide a great battery backup that will keep you going, without any hassle! Also, some might feel that they are a bit more expensive, well then, that’s not true. We suggest you have a look at our range and be ready to be amazed by their exceptional features and price!

To conclude - There is nothing quite as freeing as having a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. Chores around the house, working out at the gym, and even listening to a podcast in bed has been made much easier with these types of earphones!

Good old fashioned wire-way!

Now let’s discuss the all-time favorite and the most reliable type of headphones - the wired headsets! Especially if you are not just passionate about your music, but also care deeply about the way the music sounds, you are in pursuit of a life-like music listening experience in a compact and portable headphone setup then these are definitely the best match for you! 

Additionally, you can easily wire them up with a wide range of technology that doesn’t support bluetooth or WiFi! As most of them support a standard 3.5mm jack, you can pair them easily with your dad’s old walkman or your latest laptop!

Surely, you might face some problems with the wire, but it does come with its own set of advantages. For example you will never experience any lag in between your calls as you are directly connected to your device.

And regardless of how long the battery life is rated on your pair of Bluetooth headphones, when it runs out, you'll be out of luck. But no such thing can happen if you have a pair of wired headphones! Additionally, you get some of your controls in the in-line wire which further adds convenience to your overall listening experience.

In the end, the decision to stay connected or switch to a ‘no strings attached’ phase is completely up to you! What we can assure you is that with boAt, you will always find the type of earphones that will keep you high on music and let you experience nirvana.