Introducing boAt Stone 1200 - Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Introducing boAt Stone 1200 - Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Introducing the all-new boAt Stone 1200! The only wireless bluetooth speaker you'll ever need.

Music brings us up when we’re feeling low. How else would we get high, if not for music? 

That’s the ideology behind all our super immersive sound gadgets at boAt. We want you to keep your spirits high, come what may. 

And this is where, our newest Bluetooth speaker, the Stone 1200 comes in. 

It’s here to get you grooving on your own life, and to have a constant soundtrack to enjoy, wherever life may take you! 

Here are some reasons you should own the all-new wireless speaker, Stone 1200 and make your life beautiful, always!

1. Signature sound that blasts that bass

boAt’s Stone 1200 is the best Bluetooth speaker because it sports a super 14W signature sound with a passive bass radiator that blasts that bass just the right way to give you an awesome listening experience with super sound clarity. 

With the boAt Stone 1200 Bluetooth speaker, you’ll be on the ride for excellent stereo sound designed by acoustic experts for a complete immersion in the music you love! 

And because it takes two to tango, the Stone 1200 comes with a feature that will double the fun, guaranteed! Take advantage of our True Wireless technology and connect a second speaker to enjoy sound twice as powerful. 

2. Getting the vibe right

Being high without the right vibe is certainly a recipe for disaster. So while you get high on the tunes you love, we’re setting the vibe right! 

The boAt Stone 1200 sports beautiful RGB LEDs to surround you with the perfect lights and sound show for you to vibe effortlessly! 

And we know you like things a certain way, which is why the boAt Stone 1200 has customizable lights to allow you to make an experience that’s unique and truly your own. 

3. Whether rain or sunshine, the Stone 1200 will stay sublime 

The boAt Stone 1200 comes with an IPX7 Water & Splash shield so you can get stoned anywhere, anytime! The splashproof portable speaker gets it super portability with its strap 360-degree ergonomic design and like all good things, this one’s a small package that will become your trusted companion wherever you go! 

And portability is nothing without convenience, we know that! Which is why the portable speaker boAt Stone 1200 can be charged with a universal type C connector and can be plugged in any way!

To add to the convenience, it sports as many modes as your moods. So whether you’re looking to connect it with Bluetooth, Aux, USB, memory card or want to listen to the radio, you can use the Stone 1200 any which way you want. 

4. The party never stops

If you’re in the mood to groove all night long, and your speaker gives up and wants to sleep, we all know that’s the biggest deal-breaker. Which is why the Stone 1200 sports an awesome 9-hour non-stop play to match all your moods. Whether it’s a movie marathon or an all-night dance party, the sound only stops when you do! 

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get stoned with boAt’s Stone 1200! Buy the best Bluetooth speaker online here: Stone 1200.