Take Your Fitness Goals By Storm - With boAt’s All-New Watch Storm!

Take Your Fitness Goals By Storm - With boAt’s All-New Watch Storm!

Don’t worry about making time for health anymore. Let the watch Storm take over!

Don’t worry about making time for health anymore. Let the watch Storm take over! 

The best smartwatch for fitness offers a myriad of features such as real-time health monitoring to keep your vitals in check, plenty of sports to choose from, and a daily activity tracker so that you reach your health goals faster! 

With the best fitness tracking watch by your side (on your wrist in this case), all the obstructions that lay on the path of reaching your goals will be overcome, making your fitness regime a guaranteed smooth sail.


If you’re looking to work on yourself, look no further, because this smart band watch comes with features abundant - and is as stylish as you! The smart band watch has upped the game and made smart even better looking by perfectly blending functionality with a superior design. Choose this smartwatch for a timeless experience when it comes to your #fitnessgoals! 

This activity tracker watch in sync with the boAt Progear app makes for a dynamic duo to keep your health on track at all times.

Available in 2 colors - 1. Active Black and 2. Black+Blue for a Launch Sale Price of Rs.1999/- only! 

A New Look, Every Day! 

Just the way you feel renewed every day you work out with dedication, this smart band watch’s display can be renewed with over 100 new looks as the watch display. With its cloud-based personalized watch faces available on the boAt ProGear app, there will never be a dull day in your fitness transformation journey! 

Smart Got Better Looking

Good looking AND smart is not so tough to find anymore with this smartwatch. The perfect watch doesn’t exist you say? You’ll believe it now. 

 The best smartwatch is the one that:

  • Takes care of you 
  • Keeps you healthy and happy 
  • Helps calm you down 
  • Does not mind your sweat 
  • One that always stays by your side (with its 10-day battery life) 
  • Ladies, it also keeps track of your cycle to know your moods

And the list goes on and on!

And the best smartwatch for women - the boAt watch storm has all of these features! 

Work all your problems out

In this day and age, especially when we’re stuck at home, most of our health problems arise from not working out or frequently sitting on our desks. The best activity tracker watch is here to help you! It sports a daily activity tracker to monitor your daily steps, calories, and distance. With its sedentary monitor, it will help you combat the troubles of working from home and remind you to take a walk when you need it. 


To make you move your body, the best smartwatch for fitness will help you work all your problems out, making fitness easy peasy, lemon squeezy! From 9 different sports modes to choose from, you’ll be running… out of excuses for working out. 

Pick your preferred workout sport with the best smartwatch for running, walking, spinning, hiking, yoga, biking, climbing, workout & treadmill. 


The cherry on the cake (that you should eat only one slice of) is that this smartwatch for fitness comes with 5 ATM resistance - which means it is safe from your sweat and splash while you workout like a pro! 

Stay healthy, happy, and keep moving! 

The best smartwatch is one that takes care of you 

With its wellness mode, the best fitness tracker watch, with its real-time health monitoring feature will help keep a check on all your vitals so you always stay fit with nothing wearing you down! With this smart band watch, keep track of your heart rate levels, your blood oxygen, and blood pressure levels so you know your strengths and weaknesses at all times. 

Keep calm and carry on

Our lives are so filled with stress these days that these stressors constantly threaten to affect our health and wellness. Be it stress related to work, home, or any other aspect of your life, a good fitness companion is one that helps you calm down. So anytime you feel stressed, switch the watch Storm’s DND mode and slip into the bliss of deep breathing using the guided meditative breathing feature any time you need it! Deep breathing can really help you achieve a mindful and relaxing state, thus lowering your heart rate and decreasing your stress levels. 

A watch that doesn’t mind when you cry and doesn’t feel shy when it comes to menstruation 

Leave second-guessing your mood and your menstruation dates behind because the best smartwatch for women will help you stay up to date when it comes to your health. 

Use the watch Storm’s health care feature to stay prepared for your next cycle, track your ovulation, and keep the mood swings in check. (Also, so you don’t forget to get chocolates before you need them!) 


Where is my phone? (and my mind) 

Stop singing where is my phone and start ringing it with your trusted companion, the best smart band watch - boAt watch Storm. Any time you realize you don’t remember where you kept your phone… whether it’s in the loo? The fridge? The kitchen? Under the bed… just ring it! 

And what’s more, play your favorite song while you find it with the music control feature on the watch Storm. 


Don’t delay! Get your watch Storm now and make your fitness transformation a timeless pursuit! Available in 2 colors - 1. Active Black and 2. Black+Blue for a Launch Sale Price of Rs.1999/- only!