Stay Connected With The Best Mobile Cables And Accessories In 2021

Stay Connected With The Best Mobile Cables And Accessories In 2021

The Absolute Best Mobile Cables And Accessories You Can Get In 2020

Smart devices like mobile phones, laptops, earphones, tablets, speakers, and so on have become an integral part of our lives. From children to youngsters to adults, everyone is hooked up to a certain device that they use for work or entertainment. But have you ever noticed what keeps these devices going and allows us to make the most of them? 

It’s the wires or cables that we use to connect them or charge them with! On one hand, where we put in a lot of thought & effort to buy the right device, we often neglect the cables.

Often taken for granted, passed on without any thought, or sometimes, just left & forgotten at places, the cable is the most neglected accessory that is very critical for the proper functioning of our favourite gadgets! As most of them cannot function without a good charge, the right wire is critical for their survival!

Now if you are thinking of replacing a worn-out wire or just looking for an extra to support your mobile device, have a look at some of our best data cables and accessories that have the potential to complement your devices and fulfil your charging requirements.

As all cords are not created equal, you can take a look at the specifications and make your choice accordingly:


1. Rugged V3 Cable

Cables are often subjected to the harshest of treatments, from pets chewing on them to being pulled and bent mercilessly.

boAt’s Rugged V3 cable features our toughest polythene braided jacket that gives you unmatched protection against any type of stretch and stress. The extra-tough polythene terephthalate cable skin ensures a lifespan of 10000 plus bends.

Long story short: this is a strong USB data cable. Compatible with most android smartphones, windows phones, tablets, PC peripherals and other micro USB supportive devices, this also comes in the perfect length of 1.5m. This makes it super comfortable to use at home or office.

This cable also supports 2.4A fast charge and ensures fast data transmission with a rapid sync speed of 480mps.


2. Aux 500

Enjoy AUX-hilirating music & sound experience with this best AUX cable. Whether you are trying to fuel new life into a party by playing your playlist or trying to turn your car into a concert venue, AUX 500 is a great choice for you!

The dual-shielding, polished metal moulding, corrosion resistance plugs deliver crisp and high-quality sound. This versatile 3.5mm male-to-male cable is compatible with your smartphone & tablets.

The spaceship grade aluminium casing ensures long-lasting durability, making it a perfect fit for all your adventures.

The nylon braiding makes it stretch & stress-resistant, giving it protection against every day wear & tear! You won’t have to worry about this getting all messed up and tangled, thanks to the tangle-free cord design. 1.5m in length, this cord is long enough for you to stay comfortably connected. 


3. Type C A350 Cable

USB Type C has come a long way, from being only available in flagship products to becoming a standard pick.

This Type C Data Cable offers Universal Compatibility, meaning you can plug it in all your devices that support this port. It offers a perfect length, allowing you to charge your device without worrying about where to keep it! It comes with a premium cotton braided skin that is rated to last over 1000+ bends and also makes it tangle-free.

It supports a charging speed of 3A and transfers data at a speed of 480mps. The reversible metallic aluminium connectors are an added advantage to this cable!


4. Dual QC Port Rapid Car Charger 

In a hurry? Forgot to charge your phone? Struggling to get it charged while commuting? Does this happen to you more than often? Well, then you are in the need of a car charger!

This best car charger is equipped with 18W Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Fast Charging Technology that fuels up your device in a jiffy! The 4X lightning speed can charge your devices up to 80% in just 35 minutes, 4x the speed as compared to standard car chargers!

The Smart IC protection gives it a safety cover & protects it from over-heating, over-current and over-voltage, thanks to the dual output ports with intelligent voltage-current management! Compatible with all ports like Micro USB, Type C, Apple Lightning Connectors, this is a perfect fit for all your accessories!

The light & compact design also comes with 36W Charging Support! What’s more, you ask? It comes with a free Micro USB Cable! So, bid adieu to worry, enjoy your road trip without any worry!


5. Micro USB 150 Cable 

A USB cable is the most basic and necessary accessory to own! And at the same time, it’s also important to make sure that you invest in one that is good and reliable!

boAt’s Micro USB 150 Cable is durable, lengthy, and a powerful option! Universally compatible, this is a tangle-free option for you to rely on for all your needs!

The Durable PVC housing shields the cable from any accidental damage! The compact & smooth Aluminium Connector ensures a high-speed transfer speed with rapid sync at 480mps. The superior 1.5m length is ideal for hassle-free usage. 


6. Deuce 300 USB Cable

This is a product of your dreams! The 2-in-1 Universal Compatibility makes it an ideal choice to support all your Type C and Micro USB devices.

It can save you a lot of time as it comes with 3A Fast Charging technology and ensures data sync at a speed of 480mps.

It comes with Nylon braided skin of supreme quality. This ensures that the USB cables last for a long time, and the sturdy protection guards it against external damage.

The Aluminium Alloy Shell Housing gives it enhanced protection against 10000+ bends! And we understand that short wires can be really frustrating, it comes with an extended length of 1.5m. And guess what? This comes with a 2 years’ manufacturer warranty!


It can be concluded that all of these accessories are designed to add convenience and power to your life. Make your pick as per your requirement and you will never be disappointed! These are indeed some of the best data cables available in the market.