Carve Your Own Path with The All-New Watch Xplorer

Carve Your Own Path with The All-New Watch Xplorer

Spirit of the explorer with built-in GPS for all your adventures!
If you feel like you’ve been stuck in the same routine, in the same life, the same city, with the same people, you need to join the club of explorers. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, meet new people, and see new ways to live in the beautiful world that we’re born in. Because let’s face it, life is unpredictable and terribly short. Which is why, now is the time to explore the outer and the inner realms of your being and live the life you’ve always dreamt of living!

And remember, you have all the power within you to change how you live your life. So face your fears and live in the extremes with a watch that motivates you to stay energized and always #BeAnXplorer! 

Here’s presenting, all that’s amazing about the watch Xplorer!


Spirit of the explorer, built-in

Exploring in the modern world is made easy with the use of GPS. Short for Global Positioning System, it picks up signals sent by satellites exploring space around the Earth and sending location information back to us. Pretty cool isn’t it? And now, we can have the GPS service right on our wrists. Even cooler, isn’t it? 

Which is how our watch Xplorer becomes the coolest and best smartwatch with its built-in GPS to track routes and distances while you explore the outdoors with its outdoor sports modes like running, cycling, hiking and walking! 

Never Stop Exploring

Whether you’re exploring your inner realms by learning something new, or you’re progressing on your fitness goals using sports, the fitness tracker watch Xplorer stays with you. With its multiple sports modes from running and spinning, to swimming and yoga, the watch Xplorer is here to guide you through! 

Moreover, the daily activity tracker in the fitness watch Xplorer will keep a tab on your daily step count, distances covered, and daily calories burnt, so you know how far you come, everyday! 


Don’t resist the obstacles

For the real explorers, there are no obstacles, if we don’t let them affect our journey. Which is why the smartwatch Xplorer is 5 ATM dust, sweat and splash resistant so that whether rain or sunshine, your journey never stops. 

The watch also gives you live weather updates with a forecast of the next 3 days. So you can be prepared while you live spontaneously! 

Talking about being prepared, ladies, this one’s for you. The watch Xplorer comes with a super menstruation tracker that lets you know your dates so you can plan your journeys without any uncertainities!

Stay connected no matter what

Want to stay notified about the world while you explore your highest limits? No fret! The fitness watch Xplorer comes with instant notification alerts to keep you in touch with whatever’s important to you. 

But don’t worry, if you’re the kind of person who wants to shut the noise out while you take incredible journeys, the watch also lets you switch to do not disturb with a simple tap on your wrist. 


Enjoy every moment

Explorers all around the world know that to enjoy every moment, we need greater control of our mind so we learn to take in every moment and seize them on our journeys. The fitness watch Xplorer can help with that! The guided meditative breathing centers you back to where you are, whenever you feel like time is slipping through your fingers. 

And because sometimes, music is all we need to take the moments in, the watch Xplorer also comes with remote music control to skip, pause, play your music again, and more. 

Wait no more, get these features and more to accompany you in all your explorations! Get the best smart watch Xplorer here.