Why Should You Buy A Smartwatch?

Why Should You Buy A Smartwatch?

Get to know the advantages of buying a smartwatch!

Wearing a watch on your wrist has always been a style statement. From our great grandparents to our grandparents to our parents to us, all of us have worn a watch. For some it’s an essential, for some just an accessory!

But that has changed a lot with the coming of smartwatches! As they don’t just tell the date and time, but also provide personalised and customized solutions for a convenient and healthier way of living! And that’s why they have become a must-have gadget for all types of people, irrespective of their age or profession.

Read on to know in detail why should you be definitely investing in a smartwatch this year: 

Your personal fitness assistant

A healthy life starts with a healthy routine! And in order to maintain that routine, you need something that keeps a track of your improvement. That’s exactly what a fitness watch does!

It doesn’t matter if you are a hard core gym user or just follow a simple routine at home to maintain your health, you can count on them to help you make the most of your routine. From counting your steps, distance traveled or calories burnt to monitoring your heart beat 24/7, sleep and even blood oxygen levelthey come loaded with multiple features that allow you to achieve your fitness goals. They come with various active modes that help you track your development precisely.

Some of them even come with a menstrual tracker which is quite helpful for women as it helps keep a track of periods and predicts the next date. So no more surprises! As these smartwatches for women are now your new best friends!

Manage your stress levels

Life today is full of stress and tensions! And we all know that it is not healthy to be in stress! Smartwatches are not only instrumental in keeping a check on the physical well being, they are also helpful in regulating your stress levels!

Many fitness trackers also come with modes that help you with guided breathing and help you relax. And tracking your overall well being lies at the core of most smartwatches!

Never miss out on calls

Now imagine that you are in a noisy environment, like a busy street and riding a bike, it is very much likely that you will not be able to hear your phone ring! Or even if you listen to it ringing, sometimes your hands are too full to reach out to the phone in the pocket!

In such scenarios, wearing a smartwatch can be really helpful as they not only give a vibration alert for calls and messages but you can also decide easily whether to pick or leave the call, by just looking at the watch. Some of them even come with a mic that allows you to even talk via your smartwatch for men!

Stay connected with the recent updates & notifications

Who just posted a picture? What is this recent meme that’s going viral? What is the world talking about today?

You can get to know all of this and a lot more without even looking at your phone (or your laptop for that matter)! Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, you can easily sync up your favourite social media apps with your watch and get all the updates right on your wrist.

Be it Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter - some watches just display the notifications while some even allow you to comment, like or share from your wrist!

Wear your entertainment on your wrist

Now walk around town listening to your favorite music, and if a song comes in between that you do not like, just press ‘next’ on your wrist! You can also pause music or adjust volume just through your wrist, no need to reach out to your phone at all!

And if ever you want to watch a Youtube video that your friends are talking about, just make a few clicks and get ready to watch it on your wrist!

Never lose your phone

Raise your hand if you often ask someone to call your mobile just because you could not find your phone!

Well, you are not alone, our friend! And that’s why many smartwatches come with a ‘find my phone’ feature which lets you locate your device in no-time!

Be ever so stylish!

Lastly we will just say that while being useful, smart watches look extremely stylish. The sleek and slim body is absolutely lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can easily flaunt them at a pool party or wear it to work, it will always look absolutely stunning and level up your fashion game.

On top of that, you can even customize the watch face as per your mood by selecting from a huge pool of faces.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours now! boAt presents a few of the best smartwatches online that come packed with many interesting features.