The Only Wired Headphones To Consider In 2021

The Only Wired Headphones To Consider In 2021

Come learn about the sassiest wired headphones out there.

Headphones On. World Off. 

Is that your motto in life? Do you depend upon music to keep you company throughout the day? Is it a source of motivation for you or a perfect medium to escape the world? 

Whatever it may be! Bottom line is headphones have become an integral part of our lives. However, the world is getting divided between wireless and wired headphones, and everyone has their reasons. We are here going to talk about some of the best-wired headphones that you can instantly get your hands on if you want to enjoy lag-free and a powerful listening experience: 

BassHeads 242 to keep your fitness fashion high

If you are someone who regularly works out and takes your fitness routine seriously, then you would definitely understand the importance of having a good pair of headphones! 

Meet - BassHeads 242, a powerfully designed wired headset that comes loaded with many splendid features. For starters, it carries ear hooks that are crafted from silicon to maximize comfort and a secure fit that allows you to maximize your workouts.

So feel free to jump, run, stretch or do a somersault without worrying about your headphones coming out of your ears! Packed with 10mm dynamic drivers, you are guaranteed to get punchy music that will energize you instantly to push your limits.

They pump out HD quality sound with a colourful clarity and a rich depth that brings out the details in your favourite tunes. Also, the fact that they come with IPX4 water resistance, you can sweat it out without worrying about sweat ruining your favourite headphones! 

BassHeads 152 for the musicophiles

If you consider listening to music a sacred experience then these wired headphones will ensure that you get to enjoy your music with utmost clarity!

Equipped with 10mm drivers, these headphones pump out music that will transcend you to the musical realm of fine tunes, outstanding melodies and clear vocals. On top of this, these headphones also do complete justice to bass-heavy songs as they come with a super bass-heavy feature that allows you to vibe to the rhythm of bass-heavy genres.

And if you are going to wear it all day (we are sure that you are gonna do that) then apart from jamming to your favourite tunes, you can also count on these to allow you to enjoy smooth and clear calls with the help of the in-built microphone.

The braided wire further adds convenience to the overall listening experience as you don’t have to sit and untangle the wire every time you decide to use them! 

BassHeads 225 for Bass Lovers

If you love listening to bass-heavy genres of music then these wired headphones are ideal for you! They have an incredible sound quality with Super Extra Bass.

The powerful 10mm drivers produce music with sonic clarity and bass-driven stereo sound. The innovative housing design enables easy adjustment and optimal wearing comfort. So you can count on them to keep you company throughout the day!

What’s also interesting to note here is the fact that these are not plastic earphones - rather are made of polished metal, which makes them durable. And the tangle-free wire gives you a hassle-free listening experience.

On top of all of this, the passive noise cancellation feature enables you to enjoy listening to your music or take calls in a chaotic and noisy environment without any disturbance or inconvenience! This definitely makes them one of the best-wired headphones with mic

BassHeads 100 for the stylish ones

Style meets class - these headphones are specially designed for the ones who like to keep their style quotient high, of course without compromising on the sound quality!

These in-ear headphones come with a super stylish hawk-eyed design that looks absolutely gorgeous. Now if you are thinking that they are only about style and looking great, then you are mistaken. These are packed with many spectacular features that will make it hard for you to part with them once you put these on.

For starters, these headphones feature 10mm dynamic drivers with the speaker resistance of 16 ohms, meaning that they deliver punchy and detailed sound with powerful bass.

They also feature an HD microphone on the in-line that allows you to make crystal clear calls. On top of that you can also play/pause music or answer/end calls with one-click on the small button control. This further adds convenience to your listening experience.

BassHeads 900 for the hustlers

Last but not the least in any sense - these headphones are a perfect blend of power, style, and comfort!

Get ready to groove to your favourite tunes with Super Extra Bass and crystal clear sound performance, all thanks to this headphone’s 40mm neodymium drivers. They pump out music with punchy bass and natural vocals and offer you a balanced and complete listening experience from 20-20,00 Hz.

These on-ear headphones with swivel ear cups offer flexible wearing and a comfortable fit for everyone. They don’t overburden your ears and put just the right amount of pressure for you to enjoy your music. This ergonomic design creates passive attenuation of ambient noise and provides you with a snuggly fit without any fatigue.

On top of all of this, apart from being sleek and portable, these are also foldable. Meaning that you can carry your music with you anywhere and everywhere! The tangle-resistant cable with 3. 5mm audio jack comes with a built-in mic and control for calls and playback. This makes them one of the best-wired headphones with mic! 


Gone through the list? We are sure that you already have made your pick! So what’s the wait? Just hit the buy button now!