Must-Have WFH Gadgets To Increase Productivity!

Must-Have WFH Gadgets To Increase Productivity!

The best WFH Gadgets to help you increase productivity!

Year 2020 redesigned our life completely! Especially when we talk about our work life, it no longer constitutes long hours of commute, running across the hallway to punch in on time or looking at the watch for the shift to end! 

With WFH becoming a reality for a lot of people, there is growing demand for customizing the home office in order to make it more suitable for work. Apart from a laptop and a good internet connection, you do need a whole host of gadgets that reduce distractions and enable you to concentrate better.

Hence, we have compiled this handy list of the best work from home gadgets and accessories that will help you meet all your business goals:

boAt Storm Smartwatch

Integrating fashion with function, this boAt smartwatch is designed to complement your daily lifestyle. This essential accessory has slowly moved from the ‘want’, to ‘need’ category of wearables, for an increasing number of people. And they have their reasons! Apart from gorgeous looks, it comes loaded with many smart features that allow you to be on the top of everything:

For starters, with this on your wrist, you are guaranteed to never miss out on a call or a reminder.  Even if your phone is not around you or is silent, it gives out vibration alerts for all types of notifications, reminders or calls. All you need to do is connect it with your phone and you are all set to do your house chores without being glued to your phone all the time.

And if you are someone who likes to keep their music handy then control it without any hassle with a single touch on your watch’s screen! Yes, you read it right, touch because apart from keeping you connected to the world, it also ensures that you maintain a healthy work-life balance. As work can occasionally get hectic, you can count on this smartwatch for men's wellness mode to keep you calm and relaxed. It guides you with mindfulness and controlled breathing that lowers your heart rate.

On top of all of this, it can also help you keep a tab on your physical well being by monitoring your heart, sleep cycle and blood oxygen level. This smartwatch for women also comes with a menstruation tracker feature that allows in tracking the cycle & predicting the date.

Clearly a smartwatch can add a lot of value to your life and make it easier!

Airdopes 381

We think whoever is working from home right now or has in the past can never undermine the importance of having a good pair of wireless earbuds! They allow you to take phone calls, video calls as well as enjoy some music (or movies) without the surrounding noises disturbing you. And that’s why we present to you one of the finest bluetooth earbuds - Airdopes 381 - that will make your WFH experience extremely easy!

Just pair these TWS earbuds to your device using Bluetooth 5.0 and enjoy a hassle-free and lag-free listening experience. Ergonomically designed, they are absolutely comfortable to wear and do not get out of the ears easily. The 7mm rhythmic drivers pump out flawless music and allow you to have an immersive listening experience. However, the magic lies in the easy controls! Each earbud has a capacitive touch control panel which can really come handy to accept/reject calls, adjust volume or play/pause or skip songs. This gives you a complete hands-free experience as you do not have to either carry your phone around or reach out to it for everything!

Rockerz 255 Pro

Now if you are someone who depends on music to motivate you and value convenience and performance equally, then we have a headphone that will just be the right fit for you! Elegantly designed and extremely lightweight, these in-ear headphones are ideal for long day usage.

The neckband design and the magnetic buds add another layer of convenience to your overall listening experience.

You can count on these wireless headphones to pump out HD music. Its 10mm drivers ensure that you get an exceptional sound experience with articulate audio reproduction with a blend of pitch-perfect frequency response. The fact that it also comes with Fast Charging Technology ensures that you never have to stay away from your music for a long time!  And if you are someone who occasionally spends most of their office hours on calls then the cVc technology will allow you to be heard clearly and offer a hassle-free calling experience.

Stone 190

WFH gives you a huge advantage of customizing your work environment as per your mood and requirement. And if you are someone who wants this environment to be full of music then having a wireless speaker becomes a must!

Meet Stone 190, a stylish speaker that is powerfully designed to deliver an awesome audio!

Packed with a 52mm dynamic driver, this speaker instantly fills your indoors with loud and impressive sound. The fact that it is highly portable, you can put it anywhere.

It even comes with a strap, so feel free to hang it on a chair or nail and be set to groove to your favorite beats as this wireless speaker is equipped with bluetooth V5.0 technology. And if you are someone who is generally clumsy and spill water or tea on your gadgets then worry not as it has an IPX7 rating.

With all these at your side, we hope that you are all set to work in style!