Comparison between neckbands and True Wireless Earbuds

Neckbands VS True Wireless Earbuds - Which One Do You Need?

Neckbands and True wireless earbuds, everything you need to know summarised in one accessible guide.

You love your music! And if there’s one thing that you love more than music, it’s definitely going to be your headphones!! And why not?

They are your companions for work, travel, workout, leisure and some, even sleep! That’s why the market is flooding with multiple types, sizes and styles of headphones that you can pick and use for a music-full day!

Some are wired, some are wireless, some fit into your ears, while some sit over your ears and so on! There is a huge range of options! 

But if you are someone who enjoys the cord-free life and wants a pair of earphones that can be easily carried around, are not bulky and deliver a powerful performance then wireless Bluetooth earphones will definitely work for you! 

What’s interesting to note here is that in this category also you get a lot of choices! 

One is a neckband and the other is True Wireless Earbuds! They both come with their own set of pros and cons and you can definitely decide which one suits your style and requirement.

Around The Neck

More and more people are sporting what can only be described as high-tech collars with headphones sprouting out the sides. Call them what you will—"neckband headphones," "behind-the-neck headphones," or even the more obvious "collar headphones"—but this distinctive modern style of in-ear and around-the-neck earphones is all the rage as of late.

However, they can be in-ear headphones, or have an on-ear design, but the buds will always be connected with a wire. Most of the time, they come with magnetic ear tips so you can snap them together conveniently around your neck when not in use.

This adds to the convenience of usage. As you will never lose either of the buds and they will smoothly keep on hanging around your neck, ready to be used. They can be comfortably worn on treks, during travel or even during workout! 

Thanks to the neckband, these types of earphones have some extra space to host a bigger battery, hence, they tend to provide a satisfactory battery backup.

When it comes to durability, any damage to the band or the wire can cause harm to the overall functioning of the headphones. Hence, it is advised to not handle them roughly. But they do not need a case for safekeeping for sure! 

Additionally, when it comes to the calling experience, you need to understand that the mics of the TWS sets are placed on the earbuds and are way away from our mouth.

However, most of the old neckband style earbuds have mics on the neckband, which is also at a considerable distance from your mouth, but you can always bring that closer to your mouth. 

True Wireless Freedom 

These tiny wonders of absolute musical mastery have taken the world with a storm! Wearing True Wireless Earbuds allows you to experience the freedom of wire-free life. You no longer have to worry about the wire getting tugged or pulled as there is no wire! It comes to a point that many times you might forget that you have them on! They generally support a premium look and feel which gives an extra oomph factor to your overall style. 

You can easily connect wireless earbuds with your phone, laptop, tablet or any other device that supports Bluetooth and be all set to experience nirvana! The Bluetooth earbuds sit inside your ear canal and give you a highly immersive listening experience. They are not heavy and do not make your ears hurt. 

And when you take calls while wearing them, many people even mistake you for talking to yourself! As they are so small and are barely noticeable, especially if you have long hair.

They also host a wide range of controls on the buds itself. Whatever is it that you want - to skip a song or pause your playlist, to manage the volume or accept or reject calls, you can do it all with a mere tap or press on the buds on your ear. Quite futuristic, right? 

The fact that they come with a carry cum charging case, it means that you have your own supply of power with you always! However, many people underestimate their compact & portable size for smaller batteries, the modern wireless earbuds come packed with powerful batteries.

Many of them even support the Fast Charging Technology, meaning that you hardly have to spend any time away from your favourite buds! 

However, their compactness can also cause you a little bit of trouble, sometimes. They tend to get easily lost under the blankets or fall under the bed if you are not being careful about placing them safely inside the charging cum carry case after using them.


Now that you have gone through the functioning of both briefly, we hope that you have made your mind!