Untangle Your Life With Our Favourite Mobile Accessories

How many times has it happened to you that a perfectly planned outfit doesn’t look as good when you wear it? Your super flawless attire wouldn’t match your accessories and all the planning goes in the drain!

So, we all will agree that accessories play a major role in vibin’ up our outfits.

The same goes for our phones as well. Your sleek and smart phones need just the perfect accessories to compliment its efficiency and performance. Now, of course, you know where we are going with this.

Your days of confused shopping are over!

Here is a list of accessories that will untangle your life and make your smartphones outshine!

  • Go Smooth With The Rugged Micro USB


    We all know how important USB cable is for our devices. While choosing the cable, we need to make sure that it is compatible with the device. The rugged V3 micro USB 1.5 is here for all your needs! It gives you 2.4A Rapid Charging and high-speed data transmission. Do you also fear your cables getting torn very easily? Well, this Micro USB is made of tough braided cables that neither tangle nor get torn! So, make the right choice for a long-lasting, durable cable.

  • Gear It Up With AUX 500


    Does Music get you rolling before you start your day? The long office journey becomes enjoyable with your favourite tunes? Then, of course, we know what is essential in your journey. An AUX cable! Connecting your tablets or smartphones to your car with this dual shielding AUX 500 will set your mood instantly. This AUX cable is also built to endure regular wear and tear. AUX 500 ticks mark all your concerns with its Nylon braiding and Universal Compatibility.

  • Stay Charged With LTG 600



    When it comes to charging your precious partners, there is nothing better than certified cables! But guess what? If an LTG cable offers fast charging and transferring speed while being tangle-free, you grab it without second thoughts! Chargers are our device's partner for life, so choose the one that stays forever.

  • Dual QC-PD Port Rapid Car Charger



    Last but not least is the Dual QC-PD Port Rapid Car Charger. Go for road trips with no worries because your car chargers are there for you! The Dual QC charger charges four times faster than any normal charger. How cool is that! We are sure you have suffered from your device overheating and other issues like short circuits due to the lack of a compatible car charger. We all have been there. But this smart charger comes with Smart IC Protection that keeps all your overheating worries at bay.

    So yes, amigos. Choosing the right mobile accessories can surely make a big difference to your mood and your phone’s life. 

    And oh, if you need assistance with more products? Here you go - Mobile Accessories

    See you later, alligator. 

    September 20, 2021

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