How to Keep Your Productivity Soaring as Offices Reopen

How to Keep Your Productivity Soaring as Offices Reopen

Do you remember the last day you spent at your office (or an ex-office, as might have been the case during the pandemic) before the first lockdown kicked in? Yeah, the memory’s fuzzy, right? We’re not surprised to hear that.

Do you remember the last day you spent at your office (or an ex-office, as might have been the case during the pandemic) before the first lockdown kicked in? Yeah, the memory’s fuzzy, right? We’re not surprised to hear that.

So much of our lives have been upended since then that it’s easy to forgive you if you have completely forgotten the hassle of everyday travel, the fingerprint punching, your work bay and the desk, the teeming meeting rooms, the pantry…perhaps even the casual friendship you might have struck with a juice vendor downstairs.

And now, almost as suddenly, you are probably being expected to return. Sigh.

 As the situation veers towards normalcy (thank God!), many offices and workplaces are beginning to reopen, bringing a sort of abrupt end to the work-from-home phenomenon – something that many came to love and adapt to, and even consider to be equally productive. But it is what it is. You are now supposed to head back to office – perhaps gradually – and you are anxious on how you will keep the same productivity levels which you worked so hard to attain over the course of the pandemic-induced drastic change in the way we work.

The good news is that it’s not all gloomy doomy. We, the good old homo sapiens, are adept at one thing – adaptability. Which means that returning to old habits and old ways of work, intermixed with our learnings from the last year, will be much easier. In fact, this change of scenery can do you a lot of good. After all, commuting to work means more time to plug in your boAt Airdopes on the way and kickstart your day with your favourite beats – just like the old times!

So, boAt fam, chin up and get ready to take your office by storm with these 6 tips on keeping your productivity and mood rocking as you return to your office!

1. Catch up on some good sleep

Did you enjoy the occasional nap in between your work hours, or simply lazying around on the bed from nine to six when the WFH fever was high? Of course, you did! We’ve all been guilty of the same, right? Over the course of working remotely, if you too have been sleeping more than usual, then it does make sense to catch up on a good night’s sleep before you head for work to your office. That way, you will be able to compensate for your WFH sleep habits and show up at work fresh and active. Of course, falling asleep on the meeting room couch is a big NO (unless your office is cool about it!).

2. Take it slowwww

You’d never be able to appreciate a song if it is rushed, right? Now, apply the same analogy to your return to office. This is indeed a gargantuan shift! Accepting the fact that you won’t be able to settle into your old office routine right away will put your mind to ease. For example, if you keep taking meetings virtually, continue doing that. And no need to stay glued at your desk for hours. Move around as you would at your home and take regular small breaks. Remember, a gradual transition is the best way to keep your productivity up.

3. Cut your distractions

Ah, yes. Distractions! If the likes of video games and group video calls were your distractions while working from home, your office will also present its fair share of them to keep you away from work. This is more so because you’d be back in office after so long – making water cooler or chai breaks even longer, and lunch hours even more gossipy. So, try to split your day into various intervals where you give yourself specific times to work and play. Balanced – like all things should be!

4. Find your zone

Working in the midst of so many people in the same space can easily break your concentration and rhythm. Which is why you must disconnect from the outside world and find your zone for optimum productivity – something that was way easier back at home! Plug in your noise-cancelling boAt headphones and put on some focus-oriented music on YouTube, or find an empty corner for an hour or so to finish the most important tasks. You can even book a meeting room all for yourself, if need be!

5. Upgrade your workstation

While the sight of your old desk might stir feelings of nostalgia, it might be set in a very different manner compared to your work setting at home. And that home setting is precisely how you’ve been able to create a productive environment for yourself these past few months. Guess what, that’s your clue to upgrade your workstation! You can bring the various items from your home office to your desk and arrange them the same way. Or you can introduce new stuff like indoor plants, To- Do lists, etc. anything that was part and parcel of your WFH experience. You can even consider changing your workstation and get a corner that best recreates the one you have at home.

6. Get a buddy to have your back

Another great thing about this sudden shift in your work life would be the fact that all your colleagues would be in the same boAt as you! So, why not use that to your advantage? Team up with a colleague to keep a check on each other for the tasks of the day. This way, you will always have someone to encourage you to get things done (and you can do the same for them!) before calling it a day and heading out for an ‘office reunion night out’!

See, that should be easy, right? Once you get your productivity on track, your office return should become as fun as before. Of course, don’t forget to carry your boAt collection with you and make your day back at the office a breeze – whether it’s taking a break from the chaos with some great music or tracking your stress levels on your smartwatch.

Happy returns!