5 Ways You're Using Your Headphones Wrong

Hey, sailor!

Welcome to another rant session.

So today, while traveling in the metro, I plugged in my headphones to dive right into my jam than listen to the constant murmur and chatter of my fellow commuters. But what happened next is why we chose to write this blog. My oh-so-dear headphones stopped working. Yeah, just like that. I did what any irritated person who had lost their perfectly fine headphones to utter randomness would do: slightly cursed them under my breath for making the journey unbearable and began my search on the internet for the reason why I was ditched by my one true love, my headphones.

I soon found out that I might be the culprit for the damage. Yes, bestie! In the blame game, we often forget that we can be at fault too. 

So, yes. Of course, we had to tell you this and have a conversation to enlighten you with our newly found wisdom.

Here is what we found out:

Go Anti-Wax for Ear Wax

Being an anti-vaxxer? Nada. 

Being an anti-waxer? YES, PLEASE!

We hardly realize how much the ear wax can damage our headphones until they are already damaged. So, before putting your headphones or wireless earbuds in the case, make sure you clean out the ear wax that resides so peacefully inside. Once it starts building up, it can severely damage your headphones.

Know Your Headphones

You know how we ensure if a product is “waterproof” by looking at their IP and IPX ratings? Well, we forget that water-resistant and waterproof are two different things. So please, before you flex in front of your friends, know the ratings. Now, IP and IPX ratings are different too. IP stands for Ingress Protection. The higher the rating, the more resistant the watch is. Two digits mean the headphones are solid particles aka dust and water-resistant. Whereas, IPX means the manufacturer didn’t necessarily check for dust resistance, although the headphones are resistant to some extent. 

If you still want to dig in further to understand how this works? Don't worry! We got you.

Here- How Effective is the IPX Sweat & Splash Resistance?

Turn It Down A Little

A rare phenomenon doesn’t mean an impossible phenomenon. Like, you know what we mean, right? While doing our research, we found out that drivers can and may fail sometimes. It might mean that they’ve lived their course, but more often than not, it also means that you’ve been banging your favourite songs at an overly high volume. If the headphones are playing distorted music while playing any particular genre of music, then that means the drivers have been damaged.

So, don’t be like us and listen to music at a lower volume for the sake of your eardrums and drivers!

Untangle Your Cables

If you use wired headphones, then we think you already know how frustrating it might get to manage them. Of course, at some point, we do lack the patience to untangle the wires and use them in the tangled state without caring. Now, this results in cable damage and disrupts the performance of the headphones altogether. So, stop being lazy and untangle the cables to save your headphones!

Case ‘em Before You Break ‘em

Our headphones may just look tough but they aren’t built to endure hardcore action we often subject them to. For your fragile headphones, it is necessary that you become a little aware of how you are treating them. Some days, we keep them lying around on our sofa or bed. Places where they’re most likely to be damaged. So, keep your headphones in a case when not in use, pls?

So yes, amigos. Let’s make sure that we aren’t careless when it comes to our dear headphones. Oh, what was my reason? Being a lazy bum and never putting them in a case. :)

And yes, for you guys who’ve damaged your headphones for good, here is where you can buy your new shining armour.

September 14, 2021

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