How to Choose the Right Gaming Headphones

How to Choose the Right Gaming Headphones

Usually, there are only three reasons why peeps go for gaming headphones. One, they are tired of facing accusations from their family, roommates or friends that they create too much ruckus while gaming. ‘C’mon, that’s not ruckus!’ you make your case, but no one pays any attention to that. Sigh.

Usually, there are only three reasons why peeps go for gaming headphones. 

One, they are tired of facing accusations from their family, roommates or friends that they create too much ruckus while gaming. ‘C’mon, that’s not ruckus!’ you make your case, but no one pays any attention to that. Sigh.

Second, you are just one pair of gaming headphones away from turning your room into gamer heaven. You’ve got the gaming rig or the latest PlayStation, you’ve got all sorts of controllers – even VR headsets and controls – and you’ve got the ambient light and the webcam as well. The right gaming headphones, and you’re in for a joy ride. Rad!

Third, you are a serious gamer who always has eyes on the prize. You understand how owning a great set of gaming headphones can keep you one step ahead of the game. No compromises!

Hey, all this sounds great! At the end of the day, whatever be your reason, we can all agree that gaming headphones are…wait for it…AWESOME. Sound design in games, today, is hitting new levels – taking the realism and immersion to uncharted territories. In shooters and online multi-player games, especially, like Fortnite, the right gaming headphones will help you develop spatial awareness – knowing where the enemy is located around you in an instant. Plus, these headphones also have microphones to help you communicate like a commando. 

So, how do you actually choose the right gaming headphones? 

Of course, your regular pair of headphones won’t cut it – they might either be incompatible with your console or not offer the kind of performance you desire. Then there is the question of not knowing what exact features to look for and compare while searching for a pair of gaming headphones, or how to differentiate between a cheap headset you’re getting at the Sundar market and the likes of premium boAt Immortal gaming headphones. 

Confused? Then, listen up, commando! Here’s our briefing for your first mission (i.e., buying the right gaming headphones) before you head out for your Fortnite mission.

TASK 1 – Identify your Gaming Platform

Are you a console junkie? Or do you indulge in PC gaming? Perhaps smartphones and tablets are where you spend the most time earning XPs and ramping up your ‘kills’? Well, the answer to this question will decide where you should begin your gaming headphones search. Consoles only work with pre-listed, software-compatible headphones, so you might have to keep console compatibility as the main factor. For PCs and smart devices, anyone should work – wired or Bluetooth. 

TASK 2 – Execute a Choice – Wired or Wireless

Your second task is to figure out whether you’re OK with wired connectivity. Sure, wireless ones have the X-factor (and make sure you don’t fumble over wires or are free to move/jump around recklessly celebrating your victory!), but wired headphones also several advantages like instant plug-and-play and less weight. On the flip side, while wireless headphones will need to be charged (making good battery life a priority), wired headphones are more prone to wear and tear over time.

TASK 3 – Survey Your Comfort Requirements

Next up, comfort! We all know how gaming for a long time can be quite stressful or physically exhausting. Heading into a virtual battlefield means you need to be physically free of all discomfort and distractions to ace your round. This is where gaming headphones can get bulky and also trap sweat and heat during prolonged use. So, look for headphones with sturdy, adjustable and soft headbands, along with comfortable, fitting ear cups and pain-free clamping force. You don’t want your ears to start hurting due to the tightness! Pro tip: If you have smaller ears, go for round, on-ear cups. If you have larger ears, go for oval, over-the-ear cups. 

TASK 4 – Scan for Surround Sound

Of course, how can you forget sound! These days, surround sound with a 360-degree soundscape has become a hallmark of good gaming headsets, giving you a competitive advantage depending on how good it is. The boAt Immortal 1000D absolutely smokes this department with its Dolby Atmos, 7.1 channel audio that delivers hyper-realistic ambient game sound. The good thing is that your gaming platform will also have a built-in spatial audio system that should work with any gaming headset. So, as long as you are buying a compatible headset, sound should not be a worry! 

TASK 5 – Scan for Microphone

Yes, the microphone – probably the most iconic feature of any gaming headphone. If you wanna chat with fellow online gamers or friends in the middle of an intense battle on the screen, you want it to be crystal clear. This is where a noise-isolating mic will shine through, as featured on the boAt Immortal 200 in the form of ENx™ technology mic – allowing you to escape the background noice and communicate clearly. Pro tip: If you’re looking for a gaming headset that can also possibly double as your regular pair for office or commute, then look for a detachable mic headphone, like the boAt Immortal 1000D.

TASK 6 – Scan for Build Quality

Lastly, don’t forget the build quality. You don’t want to bring home a pair made from cheap plastic. Look for something that is ergonomically built, possibly with an aluminium frame and soft, padded leather-type material. 

And that’s mission accomplished! Hopefully, now you have a clearer idea of how to buy the perfect pair of gaming headphones. Gaming headphones are awesome (like we mentioned before), which is why we’ve had so much fun designing a couple of really insane ones at boAt – the Immortal 1000D and the Immortal 200. These PC-compatible gaming audio beasts tick every box and take it a notch further with revolutionary features like Easy Audio & Mic Driver Customization and damn cool RGB LED effects on the ear cups!

How’s that for a flex? Perhaps you can consider flexing your gaming prowess with an Immortal on your head. A crown for the king/queen, shall we say?