An Introduction To Beard Lingo

Hello, our fellow Misfits!


Before you get confused, allow us a moment. We were as shocked as you to know but YES, BEARD LINGO EXISTS AND HOW! And do you think it's possible that we won't share this exciting world with you, eh? 😉


So, while you embrace your true self and stay the misfit you are, what's the harm in learning a few cool words you can flaunt in front of your beard buddies?


Dive in this cool beard lingo, and flaunt your vocabulary just like your style!


30ml Beardoholic, Please?

As the name suggests, beardoholic is someone who is super obsessed with beards! 

So, if you are obsessed with beards and everything related to them, congratulations! You’ve tested positive for being beardoholic.



Be A Pro With Beard-Spo!

We all need inspiration from somewhere, right? Well, that is exactly what Beard-Spo is. It’s word that came into existence when Beard and Inspiration were pushed together. It is Beard Inspiration. So, keep ‘em beard hair styled. 



Get Artsy, Beard Sculptor!

Another in line for you is Beard Sculpt! So, if you decide to sculpt and shape your beard differently from its original shape, you might be a sculptor yourself.



Beard Balm - Yes! They Exist

Men, you need to be aligned with personal grooming just as much. A beard balm can help you style your beard the way you want while keeping your skin moisturized and facial hair healthy. 



Get Them Clipped

Ever heard of beard clippers? These cute little things are used by misfits who don longer beards to clip off the long hair strands.



Brush Off The Beardruff

As dandruff is to hair, beardruff is to beard. We aren't making this up, promise. So, keep your beard oiled and moisturized to avoid these deviant monsters. 


Are You… Bearded?

Simply put, do you have a beard? That is it. If you do? You are Bearded.



Trim Your Way To Perfection

The best way to keep yourself groomed is to trim your beard from time to time. And the best way to trim? Well, Misfit



Five o'Clock Shadow

Remember the slight grass (read hair) you get in the afternoon after a fresh shave in the morning? Yeap, you got your five o’clock shadow right there!



Like every other word that ends with this suffix, beardology is nothing but the study of beards!


Ooof. We think you have studied enough for today. So, let’s pause for a bit and we'll see you next time.

Till then, learn the lingos by heart and flaunt your style like it’s meant to be.


Adios, Amigos. 

September 23, 2021

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