5 Ways to Grow a Healthy Beard

You know, fam, people can have a lot of different goals in their lives. Some want to become millionaires and sail away into the sunset in their private yacht. Others might want to invent time travel. Fair enough. 

Then there are those who can’t stop thinking about their ‘beard goals’. Insert ‘Ye Bhi Theek Hai’ meme from Mirzapur. 

In a way, for most men, beards are their personal pride. Beards not only have come to define their very appearance but also their personality, adding much needed steel to it. But not all dudes are blessed with gorgeous beards. Yeah, sadly, they can’t do much against genetics that are probably 80-85% responsible for how patchy, or full, or thin, or coloured their beard will be – if at all. 

But that doesn’t mean one can’t try growing a healthy beard. There are time tested ways to give yourself an appealing bearded appearance even if you are one of the unluckier ones with poor genetics. And, no, we’re not talking about myths like regularly shaving off your facial hair to accelerate beard growth – sorry, that doesn’t work! 

At the end of the day, a beard is also an extension of your physical health. Common sense, then, dictates that by improving your health through diet, exercise and other factors can boost your beard’s health too. So, stop obsessing over how Gandalf, Khal Drogo, or Virat Kohli did it, and take a shot at these 5 ways to grow a healthy and splendid beard!

Groom, groom until you succeed

Every luxury requires maintenance, and a healthy beard is no less than a luxury! Grooming is the simplest way to grow and maintain your beard at its healthiest best. So, what all does grooming include? For starters, exfoliating and moisturising your facial skin, and shampooing/conditioning/oiling your beard periodically. With proper hygiene, you not only get rid of rashes, irritation or breakouts, but also ensure that your beard looks thicker and shinier. In fact, clean, moisturised skin promotes greater beard growth. Additionally, don’t forget to trim it using a Misfit T1000 occasionally so that it looks as suave as you – always!

Eat right, grow right

What’s the secret to healthy-looking beard? Keratin – a protein that can be bolstered with a balanced diet. Vitamins like biotin, and vitamins C and E are a must if you want a thicker and stronger bush on your jaw. Don’t forget to drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated and fresh! Additionally, supplements like magnesium, copper, zinc and a host of vitamins can help you make up for any deficiencies in hair-stimulating nutrients.

Stop being lazy and start working out

How about giving yourself a testosterone boost for improved hair follicle density and increase your blood circulation for healthier beard hair? Well, then quit procrastinating and hit the gym already! Regular exercise has been proven to be one of the factors in growing a healthy beard.

A dermaroller can be your friend

Ever heard of micro-needling? Well, it’s a painless DIY routine wherein hundreds of tiny needles on a dermaroller puncture the upper skin layer, thus stimulating blood flow and producing collagen at a much quicker rate. If you’ve got patchy beard, then try using a dermaroller to reactivate your hair follicles and garden your beard to ultimate glory!

Put your stress in the bin

Can’t stress upon this enough! As if stress wasn’t bad enough for your mood and productivity levels, it also increases cortisol production that directly impacts testosterone levels in the body while also inhibiting growth of hair follicles. Who knew the secret to a strong, healthy beard is relaxation – whether you do it by getting adequate sleep, unwinding, participating in fun activities, or simply listening to kickass music! 

That’s how you take your beard game from basic to ‘slayed it’! A healthy beard can do wonders for one’s self-confidence – not to mention the number of fans it will win you over the course of its existence. All it takes is a little bit of an effort to take care of yourself, because you deserve it. 😊  

September 25, 2021

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