Understanding the Phenomenon Called Low Latency

Imagine you’re re-watching your favourite Marvel movie on your laptop. Thanos has returned to finish what he had started, and all hope seems lost. You know it's time for the most bone-chilling scene to come where Captain America delivers the iconic dialogue which has always brought the pack together. Exciting is mounting and there's no limit. But wait…. what the hell just happened? The audio and video are not in sync? Ugh, the scene's ruined!!!

Sounds similar, eh?

This audio and visual lag is called Desynchronization, and the only superhero that can fight this phenomenon is called Low Latency. 

Yes! And low latency is not just a boon for entertainment but for our fellow gamers too.

You see, when you are going for a kill and get squared yourself because of your wireless headphones, it feels awfully traitorous. 

But before any questions pop up in your head, let us explain how low latency works.

How Does It Work?

In computing terms, Latency simply means a delay. A delay in audio in comparison to the video. The device connected to your earbuds, speakers, or headphones transmits a sound. Now the delay in receiving and playing that sound is latency. 

Low Latency is nothing but bridging the gap between the visual and auditory. It is like fast-moving frames but for audio. Audio wears that promise low latency work on the simple principle of bringing down the lag rate to the bare minimum. When the lag is almost similar to the audio, that is where we hit the spot!

In Bluetooth devices, having zero latency is close to impossible. But what can be ensured is that the latency is as minimal as possible.

This is what our gaming partners look for as well! Latency in gaming can ruin sound planning before the big tournament. 

We understand it all. Hence, for our fellow gamers, we have something special. The Immortal Gaming headphones are the perfect gaming partners for you.

So, go ahead and make that raid and be sure you come out victorious this time. 

See you next time with another fun learning, boAthead.

Until then, keep shining! 

September 28, 2021

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