Do Whatever #FloatsYourBoat: How Content Creators Are Making and Breaking the Internet

Hey there, boAthead! 

Do you feel that in the air? No, not the dip in the temperatures. We’re talking about tension – between you and the fellas that do not belong to your generation. Yup, that big elephant in the room that no one seems to be addressing, especially Gen Z. And we don’t like that one bit. 

So, we have decided to address it with boAt’s latest campaign. Let’s find out. 


Gen Z Content Creators are Tired of Being Dismissed

There is certainly a mismatch of values and expectations between the youth and the older generations. And that is absolutely normal, you know. There’s a reason why the generation ‘gap’ is such a huge thing. People born and raised in completely different circumstances and eras are bound to have startling differences in their worldviews. Unfortunately, it is always the youngest generation that tends to suffer from the resulting judgement passed down from older gens. 

Today, Gen Z (especially content creators that are breaking the internet every other day!) is increasingly finding itself in the crosshairs of hyper-policing and dismissive attitude of the ‘wiser’ Millennials and Boomers:

‘Social media generation!’ 

‘They’ve got a short attention span!’

‘They’ve got it all so easy!’

‘Look at ‘em entitled slackers!’

‘They can’t work hard, but they all want to be famous!’

These are but a few of the accusations thrown around at Gen Z content creators, with their potential, talent and attitude all but dismissed. If they’re not in traditional 9-5 jobs, they’re just not ‘serious’! 

But we’re here to tell you that this perception couldn’t be farther from reality. 

While generational tensions have always existed for the youth, Indian youth today finds itself in a unique situation. Older generations had to move mountains to seek approvals and permission. But the youth of today don’t need permission or approval to follow their dreams...

Yes, they are the internet generation, and they boldly own up to it. Yes, they are the ‘social media’ generation…and they know how to make a god damn impact with it! 

Let’s Talk the Talk

Gen Z have single handedly created the foundation for the gaming industry to enter India. This resulted in a whopping 10% growth in the gaming category revenue in India in 2020. They are also taking over the entertainment industry, with the top 10 influencers/YouTubers in India being under the age of 30. 



What’s more, they are also redefining what a ‘job’ looks like, and have opened up the imagination of future gens to exciting career possibilities. The motto is simple – ‘earn while having fun!’ From TikTok to Reels to creating viral trends, Gen Z are not only shaping content on the internet but also using it to voice opinions, take stands and solve problems – be it political, social or environmental. 

Mental, right? It sounds like they have truly hacked the system – all through the medium of creating art and content. 

If you are a Gen Z reader, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. You are not afraid to do whatever…#FloatsYourBoat.

Do Whatever #FloatsYourBoat

At boAt, we’ve always stanned the irreverent, the rebels, and the go-doers, who aren’t afraid to challenge existing systems in their journey to self discovery. The designers, dancers and doodlers; the laugh riots and the travel troops; the fashionistas, fitness freaks and free spirits; the voices of dissent and the voices of music. 

This Creators’ Day, we don’t simply want to say ‘thank you’ for inspiring us to turn the internet into a real platform of change. Through our campaign, we want to show the world what it takes to be you. So, we have teamed up with boAtheads we call our own – the defiant Kartik Aryan, the pathbreaker Kiara Advani and creators from all walks of life! 

Now, that sounds EPIC! 

Stay tuned for the big reveal on boAt’s Instagram handle as Kartik collaborates with next-gen creators in a digital film that will rock your boat. 

And Gen Z…you keep grinding! Because we’ve got your back (and also your ears, your hair, and your beard…IYKWWM 😉). 

September 29, 2021

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