Creator Day India: You Gotta Join the Awesome Celebration with boAt

Let’s pick up from where we left last time around. Let’s talk creators – you know, those fantastic, magical human beings hidden amongst us (perhaps you are one, too!)? 

The creator culture has really picked up, especially amongst millennials and Gen Z, in the last few years. And no, it’s not just down to everyone being hooked on social media. It’s more about the mindset to carve a niche for oneself, to defy the odds and the norms, and to be bold enough to take your grind seriously. 

Proud of your grind

Behind every social media post that might have amazed you – whether it’s a reel of dancers rocking it up with sheer dexterity or the fashion influencer doling out life-saving hacks – there is an insane amount of hustle. 

The hustle to forsake regular careers and pursue your heart instead. 

The hustle to fail, grow, fail some more, struggle…and eventually conquer it all. 

The hustle to shed all inhibitions and give oneself completely to passion. 

The hustle to painstakingly build a loyal audience, to experiment relentlessly on different platforms, and to learn all the technical skills without any formal training. 

The hustle to imagine and conjure something truly inspirational. 

Above all, the hustle to do whatever #FloatsYourboAt

Yes, it’s not easy at all – which is why the entire boAt fam is SO PROUD OF Y’ALL! So, as we wait with bated breath to launch our campaign dedicated to all awesome creators amongst you, we’re so glad that the Indian creator community is finally getting all the recognition it deserves big time!

About time India had a Creator Day 

And now we do! Did you get the drop? Well, Facebook and Instagram have announced September 30th as Creator Day India – a day-long celebration hailing all aspiring and emerging creators. And guess who is about to join the fun? boAt, of course! 

While you should definitely check out what the buzz is all about (because FB and Insta have lined up some really great stuff for all creators at a virtual event), keep your eyes peeled for some boAt’s enthralling #FloatsYourboAt campaign activities, such as:

  1. 15% lifetime discounts to content creators on their purchases on boAt website (Wowwww!)
  2. Multiple activities planned with influencers like reaction videos from their parents and quizzing their parents on how well they know what their influencer children do (it’s gonna be LIT, we promise)!

Gosh, so excited. Right, fam? 

See ya on the timeline, creators!

September 30, 2021

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