Top things to consider if you're planning to travel

Top things to consider if you're planning to travel

Have you watched the iconic 1993 Hollywood flick Groundhog Day? Well, even if you haven’t, you have surely experienced it over the past 18 months. The movie tells the story of a man who is stuck in a time loop – he keeps reliving the same day over and over again.

Have you watched the iconic 1993 Hollywood flick Groundhog Day? Well, even if you haven’t, you have surely experienced it over the past 18 months. The movie tells the story of a man who is stuck in a time loop – he keeps reliving the same day over and over again, trying to break free unsuccessfully. Sound familiar enough? 

With pandemic forcing us inside our homes, we have all been living our own versions of Groundhog Day: wake up, lazily open your laptop, work remotely without a care for any schedule, say hello to friends from your screens, follow crazy TikTok trends, and go back to sleep! 

No stepping out on the road, no catching up over beers, no office hullabaloo, and the most painful thing ever – NO TRAVEL! No hill stations in May. No beaches in December. No impromptu road trips or weekend getaways. No exciting new adventure abroad because of restrictions and quarantine. Sigh!

Looking back upon it all now, we would like to give kudos to you for enduring this isolation and keeping the travel bug at bay (if at all!). But the good news is that the world has finally opened up once again – and with that, you can now consider seriously planning to travel once again (if you haven’t already!). 

But wait, is that hesitation that we sense in your plan? Yup, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Travelling in the post-pandemic world has changed, and so must how you plan for a safe and exciting trip ahead. Don’t worry boAt fam, we have it all mapped out for you. Here are 7 things to tick off your list before you hit the road at long last:


You’re not going to/from a COVID hotspot (duh!)

We know travellers love the word ‘daring’, but this is not worth it. Obviously, if you are in an affected area or want to visit an affected area, the chances of doing so would be negligible with all the travel restrictions in place. But in case these restrictions have only just opened up, reconsider your decision to risk travelling at such a sensitive time. A little patience can go a long way towards saving not just yours but others’ lives as well!


You know all the travel guidelines – in fact, you’ve got them tattooed 

Okay, maybe the tattooing part is going to far, but this is a serious matter. Whether you’re travelling interstate or abroad, or whether you’re going by air or your car, you must know all the new rules and regulations for travellers/passengers that you need to comply with on your journey. Public safety norms right now are at their strictest to curb the spread of the virus. In that regard, different states/cities/countries have different regulations. Failure to comply with them can jeopardise your entire trip and might even land you in trouble! So, note down and prepare to follow all the travel guidelines and advisories related to your destination and transit – such as the need for vaccination, COVID negative reports, mandatory masks, social distancing, quarantine, etc.  


You actually have an Apocalypse Survival Kit

We’re not kidding! If there’s anything the last year has taught us, it is that our anything can happen to anyone at any time (we pray it’s never a zombie apocalypse!). So, take an emergency kit with you – especially all the pandemic essentials such as face masks, sanitizers, soap, thermometer, disinfecting wipes, etc. Of course, having survival tools and a 60-in-1 tin box with solid food, water and other emergency aid items not only makes you look Bear Grylls kinda cool but might also come in handy! 


Wow, you’ve really bought travel insurance this time

Oh, how we’ve balked at the prospect of buying ‘travel insurance’ while booking flights and packages, haven’t we? Well, not anymore. You might be ready to unleash all your pent-up travel frustrations on your next trip to the most beautiful hidden gem far away from the tourist trail, but things can go south even in the most beautiful of places on earth. This time, invest in a good single-trip travel insurance that will provide you a health cover in case you land into medical troubles on the way. 


You’ve topped up your subscriptions (and playlists)

Imagine taking out your shiny new pair of boAt Rockerz to listen to that latest Drake album as soon as your 12-hour flight has taken off…only to realise that you forgot to download it offline. Or you’re unable to book your Uber abroad because you forgot to clear your dues back in India and the account got blocked! Pain, right? We’ve come to rely on our smartphones a lot more in recent times, and there are always a plethora of subscriptions and apps we use to transit, eat, unwind, connect, socialise, learn new things, navigate, find lodgings, etc. Before you leave, make sure they’re all working, recharged, and up to date (especially your music – the best travel companion ever 😉)!


You do have a plan (and don’t plan to have a plan) 

Yeah, impromptu trips right now might not be a great idea. With so many travel protocols, safety concerns and service availability issues to deal with, it’s worth preparing an exact itinerary of where you’ll stay, how will you travel around, where all you will sightsee, and what you should do in case of an emergency. Doing so will help you make the most out of your much-awaited trip!


You’re going on a vacation, not work-ation (we’re serious)

Lastly, a very important point! We’ve all dealt with exhaustion and work-related issues during the pandemic. If you’re really stepping out to travel after a looooong time, then make sure you leave everything else – especially your work – behind! This is your chance to relax and let go, and come back from your trip completely re-energised. Yes, you can do it!

Check, check, check? Check! You’re ready for your adventure, boAthead! Safe travels!