Have you felt like a jigsaw puzzle that never seems to fit? Someone who differs from the crowd and is often misunderstood? You must have had people asking you to “tone it down a notch.”.

Have you felt like a jigsaw puzzle that never seems to fit? Someone who differs from the crowd and is often misunderstood? You must have had people asking you to “tone it down a notch.”.

But today, we are here to tell you, be loud and proud. 

We believe in your uniqueness and root for the world to see it. So much so, that we decided to initiate conversations off the mainstream wagon. Misfit’s newest campaign #NeverFitIn on boards Shanaya Kapoor, Vir Das, Divyenndu Sharma, and Rohit Saraf as brand ambassadors. The brand believes in the importance of self-care and heralds a future free from gender stigma through a colourful brand vision and bold conversations. It is dedicated to the ones who don't fear breaking the rules & paint the canvas with the colours of life.

You see, dear reader, no one is perfect. No one even has to be. So, say “dang it!” to societal norms, break free and own yourself the way you deserve it. In this quest of self-acceptance, we have just the perfect match, rather a MisMatch for you. It is time to speak your thoughts out loud, unapologetically! Go on, never settle for anything less than what you deserve. 

Now, put a full stop to every opinion, situation, and notion that makes you feel out of place. Own who you are with pride. And guess what? Share your journey with the four uninhibited path-breakers who are like you and celebrate your presence!

Yes, Misfits! It is time for you to get, set, rolling, and vibe with the best tribe who is just like you!

Read on and discover the undiscovered sides of the real OGs!

Vir Das | MisQuote



If you speak your thoughts with no filters, congratulations! You have a very peculiar thing common with Vir Das! Always being vocal about the rights and wrongs with his spontaneous sense of humor, Vir Das for sure wins hearts. But guess what? He also faces criticism for not speaking the crowd's language and giving his two cents in his own way. Vir is an unabashedly fearless lion who is ready to pounce at every opportunity he gets to be original. It is natural for him to be a MisQuote which definitely makes him the perfect Misfit.

Shanaya Kapoor | MisPerfect



It is the 21st Century and we cannot emphasize enough on Bruno Mars’s song: “you are amazing, just the way you are…”

And who can be a better example than the MisPerfect Shanaya Kapoor herself? Stealing the show with her playful persona, Shanaya charms the audience with her imperfections. Being confident in her skin, she boldly makes the statement that authenticity speaks more than glitter and glam!

So listen to us and Shanaya, look in the mirror, and tell yourself how awesome you are.

After all, there is just one YOU on this entire planet!

Divyenndu Sharma | MisUnderstood


What does being out of the box do to you? Well, it will leave a mark and etch your presence in the minds of all the people you meet. We are sure you know the bold and classic role of “Munna Bhaiya”, don’t you? That is exactly what we are talking about! But often people forget, a person is more than what meets the eye. Behind the rowdy on-screen self, there is a softie in Divyendu that loves carnations and puppies, as much as being DESI.

It is time to embrace that side without the fear of being judged! Be true to yourself and don’t hesitate to be MisUnderstood.

Rohit Saraf | MisMatch



Leave your mark in everything you do, just like our Rohit Saraf. Aren’t we all in awe seeing him celebrate himself? That is exactly the inspiration we need to take from him! Atypically one of the most celebrated actors for his unique and light-hearted style, Rohit with Misfit is surely a MisMatch made in heaven!

Yes, we know. Self-love and acceptance isn’t an easy process, but guess what? We got you!

These exemplary Misfits didn’t have it easy too, but see where it got them?

Don’t hesitate to go off the mainstream wagon, and remember to Never Fit In.