Embrace Your True Self With Our All-New Range of Misfit Trimmers

“Hey man, your beard is looking fire. Give me some tips, no?”

Okay, most friends don’t talk like this, we agree. But we’re sure you must have thought about this at least once. Maybe you sometimes wish you knew your friend’s special secrets who manages to slay all looks, from a neat stubble to a full-grown beard.

What makes his beard look soooo good?

Your mind wanders everywhere for an answer. Maybe he uses an expensive beard oil, you think. Perhaps he takes some facial hair supplements. Or what if it’s just good genes? Hah.

You scratch your head, bite your nails, and still don’t notice the obvious. Allow us to shed some light, monsieur - there is no secret. All the sass you feel reverberating from your friend is nothing but a testament to their self-love and acceptance, feeling confident in one’s skin, embracing all that’s you, and making small, constant efforts to bring your best self forward. Sorry (not really) to pop your bubble.

So don’t give a flying duck if your beard is patchy and not as dense as your friend’s. Who said patchy couldn’t be cool? Who’s making the rules anyway?

Be a misfit with pride because you’re cool and you’re awesome and you’re one in a billion (quite literally). Who needs to fit in when you can be your unique self? With Misfit’s new range of grooming kits and trimmers, express yourself just the way YOU’D LIKE.

Here, meet our sparkling new range of Misfits.

Misfit T150 - More For You


Hear us out. How many times has your salon wale bhaiya ruined your beard because they trimmed it wayyy too short? Not their fault, to be honest. Most regular trimmers have limited length settings that make you compromise with the style you really wanted. No more.
Misfit T150 comes with 45 different length settings ranging from 0.5mm to 22.5 mm. No more letting your salon’s trimmer decide your beard’s fate. Watch your on-the-go grooming plans fall right into place with its 90 minutes of cordless usage. Its digital display alerts you about its charging and oiling needs so you can keep unwanted surprises at bay. Trimming feels effortless with its long-lasting titanium coated blades that glide you through your face without any problem. A lil’ bit of splish splash is also allowed with its IPX7 protection that empowers you to choose your game, be it dry or wet shave. There’s more to Misfit T150 than what we’ve discussed here. Go explore it now.

Misfit T50 Lite - All That You Need


When you enter a salon to get your beard styled, most often than not, you’re signing up for a generic trim that fails to bring out your unique self. Take power in your hands with Misfit T50 Lite, a powerful trimmer that empowers you with 40 length settings and an enormous runtime of 120 minutes. Bid adieu to the itching and scratching that follows after a trim at the salon with Misfit T50 Lite’s stainless steel blades. We know how you like to travel in style and we’ve got just the right thing for you. Its Safety Lock ensures that your Misfit isn’t accidentally switched on while you’re travelling. Do you know what’s more awesome? Its Micro USB charging that lets you charge your trimmer via your computer, laptop or any other USB device. Order your package of grooming goodness today. Here.

Misfit T30 - Your Partner in Style


Best things come in small packages - who hasn’t heard of this old-but-gold idiom, right? And boy, do we second?! Get rolling on your journey to awesomeness with Misfit T30 - our power-packed trimmer marked at a super sweet price. Surprise yourself every day with its multiple length settings and four guiding combs that empower you to don a new look every day. Get a smooth and even trim every time with its long-lasting, corrosion-resistance stainless steel blades. What’s more? Enjoy 60 minutes of cordless usage with every charge too. If you’re looking for a styling partner on a budget, here’s your find.

Phew, that’s a whole bunch of goodness right there. We’re sure you’ll be having quite fun flaunting that well-groomed moustache or the oh-so-sexy stubble you’ve wanted for so long. Because quite honestly, we’d like nothing more. Head here to shop the newest members of the Misfit Club!

And, while we’re still here, we’d like to give a holler to all the real-life misfits who feel out of place where they’re right now. Hang on, hold that look unapologetically. Don’t let anyone dilute what makes you stand out.

Until then, don’t forget to Never Fit In!

August 31, 2021

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