Feel Good, Inside and Out!

Are you sitting at home all day (like us), lazing on your bed in the weirdest possible position, feeling weirdly exhausted?

Well, we do not blame you. Lockdown hasn’t been easy for anyone! Everything we considered ‘normal’ was no longer a part of our reality! Our work desk shifted to our home, we attended birthday parties and weddings over video calls, going to a mall or movie theater was out of the picture and most of us don’t even remember when was the last time we wore jeans!

All this madness has impacted each one of us in different ways! While we were definitely worried about our physical well-being and chugged a good share of vitamins, juices, kadhas, and whatnot, we forgot to take our mental well-being seriously.


Most people relate grooming to their looks. Smelling good when they go out. Looking sharp with not a single strand of hair out of place. While all of this is true, personal grooming is one of the easiest ways of maintaining a healthy mind too. Although it may be tempting to forgo this small little thing from our lives, it can impact our mental health drastically.

Grooming regularly and maintaining a routine helps in keeping you active. It makes your brain take the tough decisions when your heart doesn’t want to trim your overgrown beard or take a haircut. Making simple things like bathing, drying your hair, or even shaving a part of your daily routine can add a sense of accomplishment to an emotionally heavy day. It keeps your mind active and engaged for a while and creates an escape route from the heavy feelings or emotions you have been dealing with.

But what else? Before we come to the conclusion of grooming a boon for our mental well-being, let’s first dive into the immediate effects it triggers.

Your Confidence Booster



Imagine the feeling you had after getting a haircut and clicking that killer selfie which got all the hearts!  Or when you dressed up and everyone showered compliments over you! Did it not make you feel even more confident about yourself? 

You must have felt much better about yourself and that's why you gave that heartfelt smile! This confidence impacts your mental health greatly. It helps brush away the self doubts and fills your heart with optimism. Confident people radiate that killer instinct that sets them apart from others! 

Self Esteem is Supreme 



You know how they say when you feel good, you look good, and vice versa? Well, you know that’s true from when you’re having a bad hair day and constantly think EVERYONE is secretly judging you? Which is why a proper grooming ritual is absolutely essential, as essential as working out and taking care of your mental health. 

And knowing that you can get things done just by starting the day with some self grooming will push you to take charge in other aspects of your life as well. This will have a positive impact on your professional life and eventually result in creating a happier and productive lifestyle!

Bond With Yourself



Our hectic lives and busy lifestyles have made us too used to surrounding ourselves with things that restrict us from having some heart-to-heart conversations with our real self! There's always something to do or something to watch, that we hardly spend some time with ourselves anymore! Regular grooming can bring in some minutes to your routine wherein you spend some time with yourself, making yourself feel good! You can have a small pep talk with yourself while you are styling or grooming yourself in front of the mirror.

Meet Your Creative Self



Creativity is a great stimulant for your mind! As you already have a beard, why not experiment around with it? Letting your mind do its job and breaking the monotony of the same look will add some spark into your life! And if the result is something that surprises you even, then this will eventually generate happy hormones!

Point being, everyone should follow some grooming ritual for their own satisfaction, for boosting their image and self-esteem! We are not saying that having the perfect beard will solve everything, but we owe this much to ourselves!

boAt’s Misfit is designed to enable you to take charge of this aspect of your life. It takes away the dependency of going to a salon and gives you the freedom to style and groom from the comfort of your home! You can consider it as your grooming partner as you can use it to shape, shave, trim or style your facial hair as per your choice or mood!

September 10, 2021

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