This New Decade, Go Wireless With boAt!

This New Decade, Go Wireless With boAt!

Gear up for the Wireless Wonders in town and take your plunge into Nirvana. The new decade is about to land.

With another decade winding up in a matter of days, the holiday season is round the corner and most of us are surely going to be travelling; either to our hometowns or to that beautiful destination that is still unchecked from the to-do list. Music being an indispensable part of everyday life and more so with respect to travelling, it gets crucial to carry with ourselves our very own favourite pair of Wireless headphones or Twin Wireless ear-buds. Keeping that in mind, we are excited to share some of the most amazing Bluetooth headsets and TWS ear-buds that you may get your hands on, to tune in to your playlist this winter.

We’ll not only steer you through the exquisite list of audio gears that are there to enthral your senses, but also enlist a few important factors along the lines of which a great wireless pair might be chosen.


Unlike wired headsets, the wireless ones require a consistent battery backup to function and play music. The amount of time you may indulge in an immersive musical experience is proportional to the battery capacity that the earphones hold. The extended journeys, delayed flights, long train routes and the likes require the Bluetooth earphones to possess a strong battery capacity so that they may last longer and you can have more fun while on the move.

Our top favourites for this would be: Rockerz 510; Rockerz 600 (Brown)


According to many the primary USP of a wireless headphone is that you don’t have to deal with wires anymore. The seamless experience continues to enhance even more when one goes for the TWS truly wireless ear-buds. The presence of advanced Qualcomm chipsets offering features of latest Bluetooth possess high-level functionality. The Bluetooth headsets carry with them an essence of freedom which lacks in the wired ones and by offering a tangle-free time these headsets offer you a carefree listening experience. With a minimum of Bluetooth v4.2 and a maximum of v5.0, these audio gears connect your path to the shores of Nirvana

Our best picks for this would be: Rockerz 255; Rockerz 274v2; Rockerz 275v2


For all the melophiles out there the biggest concern while choosing a pair of any headset is the quality of sound that comes in the offering. An immersive listening experience with premium HD sound is a prerequisite. The powerful drivers need to deliver crisp, clear and mesmerising audio with super extraaa bass.

The best performing headsets in this category would be: Rockerz 255; Rockerz 400; Rockerz 600


Being pleasurable to the ears in terms audio quality as well as contact & fit, is one of the significant traits that a pair of great wireless headphones possess. The ear cushions should be soft and fit seamlessly for Bluetooth headphones. For wireless neckband headsets, the band should offer a comfortable feel to the skin even while you are at the gym. The best headphones need to be lightweight for an immaculate auditory time. A state-of-the-art design with adaptive fit lets you enjoy your playlist smoothly.

boAt Wireless Headsets that would be your comfy companions: Rockerz 600; Airdopes 201; Rockerz 380; Rockerz 480


Whenever you are on the go towards your intended destination, there are many probabilities of external factors affecting the efficient functioning of your gadgets. Well-built headphones are IPX certified to offer resistance against sweat, dust or water scares. The ergonomics is an indispensable aspect if one concerns with the durability of headsets.

With boAt signature sound and ergonomic built, our top picks that let you stay immersed in Nirvana: Rockerz 510; Rockerz 450


Today, apart from being the medium for blissful musical time, headsets and other audio gears are also an aspect of one’s style statement. The trendy accessories tend to have a compelling impact on the overall aura and donning them permeates one’s surroundings with oozing confidence.

Here are our best picks for the trendy wireless headsets: Rockerz 600; Airdopes 411; Rockerz 450

This holiday season, Plug Into Nirvana with boAt and let the sound be as amazing as the new decade’s going to be!