Mute The World With Active Noise Cancellation Technology!!

It’s 25th December, 0600 Hrs IST. I see the dew droplets all over the fallen leaves from the previous day. The hot brimming chai from the humble vendor compliments the chilly breeze just right. His shop is located at the precise spot from where my ears can start hearing the brook passing by, gently and gracefully. I will have to walk just a few more steps to reach there. Oh! A blissful stroke of serendipity indeed, this distance that I have undertaken to reach where my heart always hinted towards for these past 4 months.

It’s 23rd December, 2200 Hrs IST. My exhausted mind believes that it needs to take a well-deserved break. A break from this constant noise that comes with this metropolitan dwelling; a break from this daily clamour of the fellow commuters aboard the subway rail and that occasional bus ride. May be, I should take out my long kept backpack and start. Yes! It’s time to have the long awaited trip to Freedom Valley, the one I’ve heard so much about; though yet to taste in person. Hell yeah!

24th December, 12 12 Hrs IST. It seems this subway of ours will never cease to be loud, whether it’s early morn or the afternoon. Anyway, it’s the fastest way to get across. (After 5 minutes; while searching for the earphones) Wait a minute! What! It’s the Nirvanaa 717ANC (Nirvanaa 715ANC is the other silver variant), the one that Sam had bought the earlier week and might have forgotten after that crazy party at my place. It has the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature! Such great friends I have! These are wonderful signs. It seems considerably charged as well, let me plug myself to Nirvana. (Switches the ANC on) No, this can’t be! All of a sudden all the hustle and bustle seem to have quietened down like that of an empty auditorium; this is peaceful to my ears to say the least. The world seems to be on mute! Thank you so much Sam!

24th December, 18 00 Hrs IST. The state buses are a no-no, especially when plying on a long route. The sound from the rusty engine & the loud chatter of the commuters could have been unbearable. Had it not been for this amazing pair of headphones by boAt, this could have been the usual business. I would be able to reach my vantage point only by dawn by the looks of this speed. Meanwhile, it seems that the bus driver has decided to take his own break, a stoppage for the tea time. Let me have a cup of warm tea. (Goes to the tea shop; a light drizzle starts without notice) Heck, I must return inside the bus ASAP, these headphones! Oh no, Sam would get so annoyed on hearing that his Premium Headsets got a bit of those rain splashes. (On realizing it is IPX4 rated) Yasss, just as I thought. Signs of good things to come. I am really in love with this pair of 717ANC, auditory experience just gets better.

On my way towards the Freedom Valley, I do realize the kind of blissful freedom I am experiencing courtesy the best ANC headphones. Letting myself immerse in Chopin’s classical music while on a bus, in this overcast weather is soothing. The silhouettes seem to be singing to me on this fresh night. I can’t wait to match this sense of calm with that serene sight I am about to view in the morning. It’s almost midnight and the vibe seems to be running smooth just like the powerful battery inside these amazing headphones. It’s almost midnight, probably will take a nap. I’m sure these padded earcups would be cosy for the same. (Snores himself to a sound sleep)

25th December, 06 03 Hrs. 9 steps away from this lovely brook, my Nirvana searching soul finds peace. The sight is sublime: a tantalizingly graceful shoal of fish seems to be echoing the rhythm of life that the Nature wants everyone to behold. Everything changed the moment when I had decided to take my plunge into Nirvana and visit the Freedom Valley. I am even more fortunate to have found my blissful companion in the form of 717ANC Headphones during the journey. Now, I feel I’ve truly plugged into Nirvana!

January 03, 2020

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