Wired & Wireless Made Simple

Wired & Wireless Made Simple

Is ‘going wireless’ the final answer, or ‘wired’ still stands tall?

If we start having a round of discussions with respect to the Wired and Wireless Headsets, then it would be highly probable that the debate stays tied even after everyone has spoken enough about both the types.

Whether they have to be plugged in or connected wirelessly, the headsets’ primary purpose is to offer blissful experiences while listening to music. Whether one chooses a wireless headphone or a wired one, at the end of the day the person would want the eardrums to feel good, and that whole experience should be seamless.

Both the types of Earphones/Headsets are capable of uplifting the listener to a different zone. They have their own pros and cons to associate with. How do you choose?

The Ways We Connect

The wired headphones are those devices that can connect to your smart phone in a simple manner. You just have to plug in the audio connector of the headsets into the 3.5 mm jack of the phone.

Whereas, the wireless headphones can connect with the smart phones via Bluetooth technology. Though, pairing the earphones with the device via Bluetooth functionality is easy, the simplicity that the wired earphones offer is unmatched.

Quality: The Priority

It is a matter of utter contention among the listeners worldwide if the Bluetooth headsets offer a better quality of sound as compared to their wired counterparts.

For some of the wireless headsets present in the market that may be true, but there are some amazing Bluetooth headphones and earphones that deliver the quality alongside wireless connectivity. The wired headsets are generally known to offer quality auditory experiences.

The Battery Battle

When initially the devices with wireless technology burst into the scene, battery was a major concern. On the other hand, the wired headphones and earphones have always proved to be the last man standing; they don’t need battery backup unless there’s ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) in them.

But folks, according to the current and upcoming trends, wired is a passé. We have some wonderful wireless headsets that offer long battery backups. 

My Life My Style

We meet all sorts of people every day. Some might like to have an evening stroll while in the park more often than some who would like sweating it out at the gym. Some will choose adrenaline pumping actions like mountain climbing and there will be some who’d like to listen to their favorite playlists while commuting to work.

For every lifestyle there are apt wired headsets as well as wireless headphones. If your days are filled with action and on the go then choosing a wireless one would be suitable. If you plan on spending some quality time immersing in music, then wired headsets could be the choice.

The Inner Voice

After going through the crucial aspects about the audio headsets we may safely say that this is a matter of choice. Depending on the type of lifestyle you generally follow, you may pick the right pair for yourself.

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