Stand Out of The Crowd, Or Fit In with Your Kin, Misfit Is Here To Celebrate YOU!

The pressure is officially off! You don’t have to be anyone else but you. As Oscar Wilde said, ‘Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.’ And that rings true, and will do, until the end of space and time. So now that that’s a given, why not celebrate the real essence that makes you, you? 

And we’re not just preaching. We practice it too. Because just like you, we’re ever self developing, shining a light on every facet of our personality, and expanding our boundaries with every step forward. And our explorations have led to celebrating the mix of power and playfulness that lies within each of us.  

The result? Here’s presenting: Misfit

What is misfit? 

Misfit by boAt is our new-age counterpart grooving towards a future that wants to embrace you as you come - inside, outside, and everything in between! 

Misfit is the name we’ve given to the newest addition in our product family, an all in one men’s grooming kit. 

Excited? We sure are! 

What’s the steal on the Misfit grooming kit deal? 


Well, everything you ever needed, and more! From the best trimmer for men to hair clippers, it takes the role of them all. And there’s no need to fit into stereotypes either. Whatever your look, we’ve got you covered. 

Let’s dive right into it. Here’s what you get with this shaving kit for men: 

Designed to take care of all your beard, hair, and body grooming needs, the boAt Misfit T200 comes equipped with 6x beard trimmer heads for men, 6x combs, 5 length settings, and a trimming range of 0.5 - 12 mm. 

6-in-1 grooming kit for all your looks

Here’s what the 6 hair clippers do for you: 

The full size trimmer head lets you fade or taper beard and head hair.
The precision trimmer head allows you to define beard/moustache lines and trim sideburns.
The design trimmer head lets you maintain your beard and hair any which way you like.
The micro shaver clipper lets you shave all detailed areas around the moustache, beard, sideburns and eyebrows.
The nose clipper lets you maintain your nose, ear and eyebrow hair. 

And the body trimmer head lets you shape your body mane the way you want. 

All in one, indeed! 

Skin friendly & long lasting 


The Misfit grooming kit for men is equipped with skin-friendly and corrosion resistant titanium blades that go hard on your hair, while staying soft on your skin! It is efficient, irritation free and levels up your grooming like no other. 

And all this won’t make sense if it doesn’t offer long lasting experience, does it? Which is why the Misfit trimmer for men offers up to 120 minutes of cordless run time, after just an hour of charging it. 

And don’t worry if you’re in a hurry and forgot to charge it, because it goes any way you want it to. Corded, or cordless - you choose! 

Ultra convenience for an effortless look 


Convenience matters the most when it comes to modern life. And that, we’ve kept this in mind for the Misfit grooming kit! The IPX4 water and splash resistance ensures safety from water, so you can get messy without worrying about the mess! 

And to pack it all up, (literally), packing it all up is as easy as your spontaneous travel plans thanks to its lightweight, sleek and aesthetic body. 

We’re sure we’ve convinced you. So here’s making it easier for you to get your grooming companion. Click here to buy now!
May 15, 2021

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