Make Heads Turn With the Masaba Edition

Give your vibe the dopest makeover as boAt collaborates with Masaba to create the exclusive- Masaba Edition Collection.

What do Masaba and boAt have in common?

Do you want to answer it? Here let me help you.

boAt and Masaba both tell you a story of courage. Being an inspiration on its own, both the brands bring it out to you that “it is true if you believe.” being the trendsetters, fearless, and trailblazers, they set the path for others to follow! 

No matter how many times you fail, if you get back up and try again, no one can stop you from being the number one.

This is what defines this collaboration. 

This is what defines, you.

When our Signature Sound meets Masaba’s vibrant style, an unprecedented Magic takes place!

Don’t believe us? Witness it yourself!


Bring Elegance To Life With Airdopes 441

Music is therapy. We all will vehemently agree on that, wouldn’t we? Now listen to music while bringing your chic side out of the curtains and making a fashion statement would be worth it!

That is exactly why the collision of the best audio wear and the Queen of the fashion industry happened.


Enjoy 20H non-stop music and walk down the streets boldly, while making heads turn! Live your moment like a movie for the IPX7 makes sure you can dance in rains as well and have that one fantasy of being in Bollywood fulfilled.


Stay the free-spirited person that you are! Let nothing come in the way of your goals, not even a moment of “ah. It could’ve been better.” because this collision isn’t just better. 


This is a master move as trailblazing fashion meets jaw-dropping sound!

So groove to the tunes of your choice and let your music become a fashion statement!


Turn Heads With Every Step With Rockerz 450

Let fashion be a comfortable affair with Rockerz 450 Masaba Edition! Roll into good times with an 8H non-stop playback at your service. This beautifully crafted pair speaks for your style and lets you enjoy luxurious comfort and beyond. Own the chic style that you possess with these adaptive headphones that come with 40mm drivers, designed especially for you to have a good time!

Dance till your legs give up with a 300mAh battery and boAt Signature Sound blaring in your ears, making every moment worth it! 


Style your outfit with the only accessory you need to jazz up!


Have a Masaba Edition audio wear and let it speak for you while you lose yourself in the music that speaks to your soul!


Think about it. Have you ever thought about how two things belonging to completely different worlds can come together and create something so worth having? No, right? Well, that is what we do. We take the risk and make the most out of it.


It is time to


Set Your Vibe Just Right With BassHeads 152


Old is always gold! These wired earphones are a perfect blend of music and fashion; a fusion you don’t wanna deny. And your wish is our command. The super extra bass is here for you, just in case. 

So get set rolling to have a thrilling experience like never before.


Astounded? Well, so are we! 

When the Queen of fashion meets the trendsetter of audio wears, of course, the collision has to be nothing less than the Big Bang Theory!

Here is us, giving you the best of both worlds.

She loves them. We love them. What are you waiting for?

Now the choice is yours, do you want to still sit and read it again or hurry and grab the coolest products before they go out of stock?

Yes, that’s what we thought.

Run and Claim what is yours!

May 17, 2021

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