What is Spatial Bionic Audio? Everything You Need To Know About Immersive Sound Experience.

What is Spatial Bionic Audio? Everything You Need To Know About Immersive Sound Experience.

Taking your listening experience one step ahead, boAt has introduced the all-new Rockerz Apex. Our first neckband equipped with Spatial Bionic Sound. Want to understand what does Spatial Bionic Sound means and can do for you? Read ahead!

A true audiophile knows the importance of good audio gear. After all, the audio device has the power to make or break your music mood. Today, "immersive" is not just a keyword, it is an experience that we all strive for in all walks of life. Why should music be left behind?

What Is Spatial Bionic Sound?

Spatial Bionic Audio is an experience that lets you hear sound without boundaries. With just a simple double-tap, you can enable this Dirac Virtuo enabled audio solution and witness yourself transcend into a whole new world of immersive sound. The feature is available in some of our recently launched best wireless earphones, including the latest Rockerz Apex. The first-of-its-kind audio feature immerses you in a captivating, real-world like sound experience. With drivers that are exclusively tuned for 3-dimensional accuracy, Spatial Bionic Sound offers a surround sound solution like never before!

A Deep Dive Into The Feature

The latest audio feature powered by Dirac turns any standard stereo sound into an immersive sound experience with enhanced sound quality. The integration has been smoothly integrated in some of our latest neck bands, and we’re here to witness the way it changes the audio game!

Spatialized Stereo

With Spatial Bionic Sound enabled audio devices, the sound seemingly comes from in front of the listener rather than the traditional way. This spatialization creates an immersive soundstage, irrespective of the content being played. It was attainable by only a few premium audio devices previously, only while playing specific spatial content.

Speaker Optimization

A semi-automatic filter reduces unintended resonances in order to achieve a crisp and sharp soundscape. The sound is superior and on par with the industry’s leading premium audio-wear.

Easy Activation

The Dirac Virtuo-enabled feature customises your sound with the utmost precision and accuracy and makes the boAt Signature Sound even better than before. The tuning process works across the rest of the product portfolio, including Active Noise Cancellation, and simply requires a quick double tap for activation.

The new revolution in the world of audio is all about creating a lifelike three-dimensional aural experience that is starkly different from the traditional 2D surround solution. With additional depth in the sound, the feature ensures that the audience is not only listening to music but is surrounded by it. With the ability to tune accurately and deliver sounds from all sides, Spatial Bionic Sound takes music listening or a movie streaming experience up a notch, letting you feel like you're right there! 

Who Is It For?


With Spatial Bionic Sound's immersive audio experience, let the gamer in you experience the world of gaming like never before. From the sound of your moves to the roar of your wins, you can now hear everything louder and sharper than ever! The feature ensures that you don't just watch yourself play but are very much in the game.

Movie Buffs

True cinephiles know that even the silence in between scenes must sound right. With Spatial Bionic Sound, the sound truly comes alive and surrounds you, making every streaming session feel no less than a theatre-like experience. 

Music Enthusiasts

For those who can't help finding and admiring the undiscovered nuances in their playlist, Spatial Bionic Sound is a godsend. Simply double tap to activate it and get ready to be teleported to a whole new dimension.

Spatial Bionic Sound In Rockerz Apex

With fine details, additional depth, accurate tuning, and a lifelike experience, our wireless neckbands are all about immersive audio and more. When paired with the edgy aesthetics of Rockerz Apex, the wireless neckband is near perfect, and every audiophile would agree to that. The large 12mm drivers, backed by industry-leading immersive audio quality, deliver boundary-breaking audio that only enhances the boAt signature sound and allows you to indulge in your music even more deeply. 

With sound that is optimised and tuned to perfection, every track stands out distinctly and seamlessly. The auditory experience created by Rockerz Apex is a must for every gamer, streamer, and music enthusiast! The best neckband of 2023, Rockerz Apex, also comes with BEAST Mode for low latency, which, together with spatial audio, makes it the perfect choice for gamers.

Are you ready to experience a new breakthrough dimension of audio?