India's First Wireless Neckband Powered By Dirac Virtuo Spatial Bionic Sound - boAt Rockerz Apex

India's First Wireless Neckband Powered By Dirac Virtuo Spatial Bionic Sound - boAt Rockerz Apex

Listening to music is now an unmatched experience with Rockerz Apex. Its Spatial Bionic Sound powered by Dirac Virtuo™ creates a natural, lifelike, three-dimensional sound experience unlike anything you have heard before. Don't just listen, feel every beat as it plays.

It’s 2023, and we are here for everything immersive, even music! It’s not just good music that defines it for us audiophiles; it’s the top notch quality of the music that brings us true joy and bliss, and dropping Rockerz Apex is our ultimate answer to everything blissful!

What’s Inside the Next-Gen Neckband? 

Our latest wireless neckband, Rockerz Apex, lets you experience sound without boundaries and has plenty of features for you to explore. It comes with spatial audio powered by Dirac Virtuo, which creates a natural, lifelike, three-dimensional sound experience unlike anything you have heard before. But the beauty of Rockerz Apex extends beyond spatial sound! One of the best neckbands with industry-leading immersive audio quality, Rockerz Apex is near perfect even when it comes to style. With edgy aesthetics and three stunning colours, it is an absolute head turner. 

30 Hour Playback - For Uninterrupted Groove

As long as you've got your hustle on, your Rockerz have got your back! Go for morning runs or get through your Monday meetings, binge watch the latest Netflix show, or sleep to your favourite audiobooks. Do all you want while grooving along because nothing is going to hold you back with Rockerz Apex by your side. It gets even better with ASAP™ Charge, which pumps up your hustle in as little as 10 minutes.

Spatial Bionic Sound - A True Audio Revolution

Is it a new feature? Is it a revolution? Well, we’d call it both! You are in for a treat with Rockerz Apex, because with them, your music is going to be a whole new adventure. With lifelike audio quality that surrounds you (quite literally), you better get ready to tune into the undiscovered nuances of your music, movies, and games.

ENx™ Technology - Extreme Clarity and Supreme Calling

Long distance? We've got you. Lengthy Monday meetups? We've got you covered, too! ENx™ Technology is a lifesaver for those who must attend meetings and take phone calls while on the go. With subdued background noise and crystal clear voice clarity, you are going to be heard louder and clearer on every single call just like in person.

BEAST™ Mode - A Lag-Free Zone

The immersive sound of Rockerz Apex is enhanced for gamers with BEAST™ Mode. The super-low latency of 40 ms keeps unwanted lags at bay as you tune into a seamlessly synced audio experience. Every move you make and every win you accomplish now sounds louder and sharper as if you aren’t only watching yourself play but are inside the game.

That’s not all! The best wireless earphones have seamless touch controls on the neckband, making everything hassle-free. All it takes is a quick swipe or tap to change tracks, adjust the volume, or get teleported to a whole new dimension of sound while you are on the go. 


A New Dimension of Sound with Dirac Virtuo

The latest audio feature is enabled with Dirac Virtuo’s utmost precision and accuracy, which makes the boAt Signature Sound even bolder and sharper than before. From spatialized stereo sound to speaker optimization, Dirac Virtuo equips your neckband with mind-blowing audio quality and easy activation. The audio tuning works across Rockerz Apex’s feature portfolio, including Active Noise Cancellation, without the hassle of switching between different modes for different inputs.

Whether you are a gamer, streamer, or movie buff, Rockerz Apex transcends you into a completely new dimension of audio to not only let you hear sound but also experience it like you’re right there. With this feature, the beats truly come alive and surround you from all sides, making every experience lifelike and theaterlike. 

Grab it Before it’s Gone

For hustlers who are always on the go, Rockerz Apex is truly a godsend. ENx™ Technology, ASAP™ Charge, Spatial Bionic Sound, 30-hour playback - our hottest audio gear has everything to get you grooving, connecting, and hustling. Rockerz Apex is up for grabs on our website, Amazon, and Flipkart. So, grab it and gear up to witness the next big audio breakthrough!