Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch: Smart Talk with Advanced Calling Features

Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch: Smart Talk with Advanced Calling Features

It is not wrong to say that there will come a time when smartwatches will take over smartphones in future. From fitness smartwatches to calling smartwatches, technology has sure come a long way. Let's see how is it beneficial and what all changes does it make.

There was once a time we relied solely on our smartphones for pretty much everything, especially making and receiving calls. We spent years getting used to carrying them around in our pockets or bags and treating them like an extension of our lives. But then, smartwatches came along and changed the whole game. 

Calling Smart Watches To Make Life Easier

With the ability to make and receive calls directly from the wrist, connecting with our loved ones or colleagues has never been easier. Imagine being engrossed in one of your culinary experiments and suddenly being reminded of an old buddy. All you need to do is tap to make that call. You could be working out at home and catching up with your trainer over a quick call from your wrist. Smartwatch calling has certainly made multitasking a breeze. While it is definitely about convenience, smartwatch calling brings a lot more to the table. It keeps communication discreet, especially if you are in a meeting or say a movie theatre. We have tried summing up our top 4 reasons to invest in a Bluetooth smartwatch.

The Ultimate Multi-tasking Tool

With your favourite smartwatch wrapped around your wrist, you will never miss an important call again just because you didn’t hear your phone ring. Our first smartwatch pick is Storm Call. It lets you pick, dial, connect, and do it all from your wrist. It comes with seamless Bluetooth calling and even lets you save up to 10 contacts for quick connection. Simply tap and experience loud and clear calls with its in-built speaker and let nothing hold back your hustle. 



The Ultimate Fitness Motivator

With the amazing calling feature on your smartwatch, it has also become a great motivator for fitness enthusiasts. You could be taking a break between your run and all it takes is a simple tap to call a friend, family member, or colleague. What’s more motivating than a pep talk to nail your fitness goals together. We recommend Wave Connect for our fitness maniacs. It lets you strike a balance between personal and professional with up to 20 contacts saved on your wrist for instant dialling. Every time your wrist rings, just tap to pick it up. With in-built Alexa and 60+ sports modes, Wave Connect with smart calling is all you need to up your fitness game.


The Ultimate Travel Companion

Smartwatch calling lets you stay connected with your tribe, no matter where you are in the world. Camping under the stars or hiking a forest trail, enjoying your time away from screen has become so much easier with smartwatch calling. Sharing updates of your trip and sending notifications while you are travelling, the right smartwatch never lets you miss a beat while you are away. Our pick for the adventurers is Xtend Talk that comes with bluetooth calling, built-in speaker, and more than 60 sport modes. So get ready to xtend your limits and stay connected, smartly. 

The Ultimate Fashion Statement

Watches with smart calling are not just about functionality, they are also about style. They make you more productive and more stylish at the same time. You can train yourself to let go of everything that holds you back with Xtend Pro. With a big and bright screen, bluetooth calling on-the-go, and real-time health monitoring, it complements your lifestyle, health, as well as your style game. So while you get a jump on your day, keep your loved ones closer always!

So take your pick, go on with your hustle, and stay connected with your world without any hassle. With the right smartwatch, there is nothing you can’t do with a simple tap.