Always on Client Calls? The Wireless Headphones That Would Make Your Office Life Comfortable!

Always on Client Calls? The Wireless Headphones That Would Make Your Office Life Comfortable!

In today's time, headphones aren't just go to gadgets for audiophiles. In fact, they're a part of your hustle & especially your office meetings. Here is a curated list of wireless headphones only for you. Let's dig in!

In the last 3 years we all got accustomed to working in the quiet privacy of our homes. While the fun and enthusiasm of being amidst our co-workers returned, shifting back to the ever-crowded and ever-buzzing office space often seemed like a challenge for most of us. We realised how it can be difficult to communicate with clients or get into our zone to crack that groundbreaking idea. Thank heavens for headphones!

Gone are the days when headphones were a go-to gadget for just audiophiles. They are now so much more meaningful to pretty much everyone - office goers, travellers, daily commuters, music connoisseurs, artists. For us who have to find our creative zone to write a blog or take a client call right after a brilliant brain storming session, headphones are certainly a godsend! If you still need reasons to believe how wireless headphones make your office life comfortable, here are a few:

They cancel the noise. Period.

When the hustle is strong around you, the tools you use must be stronger! Work calls, client calls, pitches, and meetings - there’s always so much happening in an office space. While you love the hustle, we love to fuel your hustle! Headphones help you suppress the noise with passive noise isolation and enter the zone without any hesitation. All it takes is the right soundtrack to help you shush the world and tune into your thinking. So when you are ready to cancel the chaos and enter your zone, just press play on Rockerz 450!

For the subtle art of music-listening.

When it comes to music, nothing can beat the premium edge that headphones bring. Now that the long traffic jams and daily commutes are back, let our amazing wireless headphones come to your rescue! After all, listening to music is also an art that not everyone can nail. Oh, and if you are one of those who schedule streaming sessions only while going to and coming back from home, Nirvana 751 ANC is THE pair. The immersive sound, massive battery, ultimate noise-cancellation - it’s everything and more you need in a pair of headphones!

More comfy. More portable. More playback.

Let’s just agree that out of all music devices, headphones are simply the most comfortable. You don’t have to worry about them getting lost. You can rest them around your neck when not using them (we all love the look, right?).. You can take endless client calls on them because they come with bigger backup, hence allowing you to use them throughout the day, whether it is for calls or music in between the calls. With ASAP charge, you will be ready to tune into them after just a few minutes. So, more in everything? Hell yeah! How about Rockerz 600 as the answer to all your work troubles?

They fit your OOTD.

Love making heads turn on the streets? Well, let’s add the final stroke of genius to your office look. Headphones fit your OOTD. More like, they make it even better. Whether you want them to complement your dress or your boss-like stride, they do the job just fine. Fresh colours, comfy fits, better bass, bigger battery - our wireless headphones make for the perfect blend of music and functionality. Our top pick for the ones who choose fashion over everything is Rockerz 550. This wireless and iconic pair of headphones that comes with up to 20 hours of playtime is pure eye candy. An absolute out of the box work accessory for your out of the box ideas!

So there you go, boAtheads! If you thought the perfect work-life doesn’t exist, you were probably wrong! Take your pick and see how the tables turn when you have the right buddy by your side!