A More Rewarding Way To Travel: The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speakers!

A More Rewarding Way To Travel: The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speakers!

The best wireless bluetooth speakers

Music is a travel essential! It doesn’t matter if you are a mountain person or enjoy the beaches, the right kind of music can instantly add that magical touch to your perfect surroundings!

However, you can definitely depend upon your headphones to let you enjoy a movie or listen to your favourite music while travelling, but when the destination arrives all of you sit next to a campfire or a pool, you need something powerful that sets the mood right!

And that’s where portable wireless speakers come into the picture! Lightweight and backed by non-wire connectivity options like Bluetooth or WiFi, these speakers allow you to take your music with you, wherever you go!

The primary requirement for such speakers that you can carry is weight, as definitely you don’t want to carry extra luggage on a trek! The battery backup also plays an important role, as sometimes, we need to unplug ourselves and find solace in the lap of nature where you might not have access to a charging point.

Additionally, you don’t want something extremely delicate that gets destroyed by a splash of water! Moreover, steady connectivity is needed to enjoy blissful music which can sometimes be difficult to find in remote areas.

Hence wifi speakers can cause a bit of a problem, and you definitely don’t want to roam around while finding towers in your mobile 

Having kept all of this in mind, we have come up with the following list of speakers that you can make your travel buddy on your next adventure: 

Stone 1000 

Now if you like to blast your music on the move, this wireless Bluetooth speaker is meant for you!

Packed with 14W dual speakers, the Stone 1000 produces a sound that is punchy and full of bass. With this by your side, you can be ensured of never missing your favourite music.

It comes with a powerful 3000mAh rechargeable battery that provides playback of up to 8H. This speaker is made to last as it is made of durable silicone with a rubber matte finish, which makes it shock-proof and the IPX5 rating protects it against splash water.

The front metal grill is sturdy enough to ensure total protection of the product. It also comes with a handle for a better grip. 

Stone 260 

If you are looking for something compact and powerful, Stone 260 is exclusively designed for you!

The overall funky look of this bt speaker is so gorgeous, that you will instantly want to buy it! You can hook it to your backpack or loop it around the handlebars and be assured of your favourite music giving you company on your trek.

The IPX6 rating gives you protection against any accidental rain or dust. The powerful 1500mAh battery offers you a playback of up to 10H.

When you turn these on, you get to enjoy music just as the way it should be, loud, clear and with crisp audio! The integrated controls allow you to adjust volume and process control as per your convenience, without any hassle. 

Stone 190 

Are you a beach baby? Or someone who often enjoys spending some pool time with your friends?

Then Stone 190 is here to ensure that you are always surrounded by some powerful music whenever you and your squad head next to Goa!

The IPX7 water & dust resistance rating keeps it safe from any splash of water! Equipped with a 52mm dynamic driver, this Bluetooth speaker pumps out immersive music.

The lightweight ergonomics offer enhanced portability and it doesn’t take up any extra space in your luggage. Its easy controls allow you to adjust your listening experience without going through any trouble!

Its 800mAh battery offers playback of up to 4H. However, it supports Bluetooth V5.0, you can also connect your device using an Aux. 

Stone 200 

Rugged looks, impactful sound and a durable body, Stone 200 are ideal for your winter trek!

Slip your favourite tunes to your side and hook this portable speaker to your backpack and be ready to embark on a musical journey between the mountains!

Weighing something around 350g only, this speaker pumps out some heavy music. It also comes with an in-built mic that enables you to take your calls while using this speaker, and your smartphone is paired via Bluetooth.

You can blissfully enjoy 10 hours of usage with a talk time of up to 12H. The IPX6 rating ensures that light rain during your camp doesn’t spoil the mood as you will always have your favourite speaker playing out your favourite music! 

SpinX 2.0 

Cylindrical in shape, this Bluetooth wireless speaker boasts 360-degree easy portable design. The 40mm X 2 dynamic drivers deliver music that is high on bass and energy. The premium HD sound quality of this speaker will definitely leave you spellbound.

But you know what? This also supports true wireless feature, meaning that you can amplify the output by connecting 2 Stone Spinx 2.0s in one go!

You can definitely crank up the volume to the fullest and let everyone know that this party is going to stay alive for a very long period of time, all thanks to the powerful 2200mAh lithium battery of this speaker. 


Now that we have given you a glimpse of how your next vacation can look like, we hope that you have made your mind and are pinging your friends about your vacay-plans!