Sleek, Lightweight & Compact - The Perfect True Wireless Earbuds For Women

Sleek, Lightweight & Compact - The Perfect True Wireless Earbuds For Women

The best true wireless earbuds for the modern day tech-savvy women!

Let’s face it: men & women are different! From liking different things to having tastes in food, music and varied ideas of entertainment, we are sure that you can think of plenty of examples where this difference is quite evident!

Now, what if we told you that, when it comes to listening, men & women actually listen or respond to music differently! It is believed that men listen with only one side of their brains, while women use both, causing them to have different responses while listening to the same music.

Women can hear lower frequency sounds that men can at low volumes. And of course, the heads and ears of men and women are shaped differently. Considering all of this, why should men & women have similar hearing devices? 

Especially when music is proven to increase productivity and cancel out distractions, then why should women sacrifice their comfort when it comes to finding the right pair of earphones that suits their lifestyle?

The answer is - they should not and will not! Thanks to the following list of best wireless earbuds that are designed to offer comfort, style and performance: 

Airdopes 441 

For the ones who like to keep fit and want to do it in style, Airdopes 441 will work for them, just fine!

Lightweight and ergonomically designed, these tws wireless earbuds offer you a secure fit. You can jump, skip, squat, or just do a handstand with these plugged inside your ears and we ensure you that these will not bulge from there place!

The powerful battery offers you playback of up to 30H, which means that you can count on these to continue to pump out powerful music, even after your extended and long workout sessions!

The IPX7 water & sweat resistance rating makes them immune to any kind of accidental damage like a splash of water or sweat. The fact that these also support Insta Wake N’ Pair technology, they will get into pairing mode, the moment you open the lid of the charging case.

The advanced capacitive touch controls give you a seamless and worry less listening experience where you can customize your playlist, accept or decline calls easily! You can even call upon Google Now or Siri with a single touch! 

Airdopes 281 

You know your music and take it seriously! That’s why we recommend you to pick these true wireless earbuds that offer an immersive and impactful sound!

Equipped with 6mm titanium drivers, these Bluetooth earbuds give a sound output that is crisp, clear and high on bass! They also support Bluetooth V5.0, meaning that you can connect these to your mobile devices without the hassle and enjoy a lag-free listening experience!

They help you stay tuned to your favourite tunes for up to 3.5H per charge! It also comes with a 420mAh charging case that ensures 4 times the charge for the earbuds!

The IPX5 rating provides resistance against sweat and dust so that you can easily wear them while travelling or during a walk! 

Airdopes 402 

When it comes to fashion, you never compromise! Then you need a pair of wireless earbuds that match your vibe and allow you a wonderful listening experience!

Stylishly looking and packed with some amazing features, Airdopes 402 will fulfil all your listening needs! The detailed and diminutive design makes you stand out of the crowd while the 10mm X 2 drivers pump out music that is just unbelievably awesome!

Just plug these in and you are all set for up to 4H in a go with an additional 12H with the carry cum charge case. You can carry them easily in your purse. What’s more, these also come in different colours that you can choose from! 

Airdopes 431 

You want style, but not at the cost of your comfort? The lightweight body and comfortable fit of these earbuds ensure that your ears do not start hurting if you wear these for long durations!

You can count on the 7mm drivers of these tws earbuds to provide you with an immersive listening experience that does justice to all your favourite tracks!

The IPX4 rating allows you to focus on your routine and not worry about some dirt or a splash of water damaging your earbuds!

Once, fully charged, these provide you with a playback time of up to 3.5H with an additional playback of up to 10H. Its power-packed 500mAh charging case ensures 3 times the charge for these earbuds.

Airdopes 171

Playful design, packed with some powerful features, these wireless earbuds are a catch! Also, if you are looking for a pair of earbuds that not only lets you enjoy your playlist but also allows you to take smooth & clear calls, then they are perfect for you.

Thanks to the Stereo Calling feature, you can indulge in a gossip session with bff or take business calls without any problem! With a playtime of up to 13H, these earbuds allow you to enjoy excellent music, just like the way you like it!

The IPX4 rating provides protection against splashes and sweat! And if you ever want to summon your voice assistant, just do a single press on the multifunction button control and that’s it!

Now that you have gone through the list of best wireless earbuds, you can make a smart and informed choice when it comes to your listening needs!

Since the modern tech-savvy girls like to flaunt it in style and demand (and deserve) products that suit their persona, without compromising on the quality or performance, boAt’s wide range of earbuds will instantly make their ears smile and hearts sing!