Top Shaving Mistakes You Should Stop Making

How many times have you realised that you've been doing something extremely simple incorrectly all your life? Like, peeling off a banana from the top. Who in their right mind would do that? (You still do it, don't you? Haha) We can feel you feeling the disappointment already. But it's okay. It happens to the best of us when nobody ever corrects what we've been doing all wrong. And that's precisely why we're here.

We were today years old when we realised that 95% of shaving cuts, burns and itchiness are caused due to avoidable mistakes. Ok, we did make up that stat. But it's true, we've all been making serious mistakes while shaving our beard that leaves our skin all flustered and irritated. 

Thwart any possible threats to your skin by avoiding these five common shaving errors:

Cold Water Splash Before You Shave

Many men often don't pay heed to one of the most pertinent elements of a shaving routine: the water. While washing their face before the shave, most men often choose cool or cold water. But cold water keeps the pores on your face closed and traps the germs and hair follicles. Instead, you should start with warm water that opens up your pores and provides a better surface for a closer shave.

Using Canned Foam

Most canned foam creams that you can buy at local drugstores are cheap and not meant for a quality shaving experience. They aren't gentle on your skin, and hence, cause redness of the skin and razor burns. Since shaving exposes a new layer of skin, it is recommended to use a shaving cream that includes nourishing oils and ingredients, like vitamin E and aloe vera.

Shaving Against the Grain

One of the most common shaving mistakes is figuring out how you should shave your face. You should shave along the hair to avoid cutting the skin and tearing it as a general rule. Backwashing isn't ideal because the edge of the razor blade hits the grain, which can cause friction and even tear your skin. Doing so will leave your hair tugged unnaturally, create lumps on your face, and redden your skin due to irritation.

Ignoring Your Neck

Imagine how it would look if your face is neatly cleaned but your lower neck is still unshaven? Weird, right? Tufts of hair on your lower neck don't go with a clean-shaven face. As a rule of thumb, make sure you shave all the way your neck down to your collarbone to treat yourself with a fresh and consistent look. Stop fetishising that patch of grass on your neck, let it go now.

Neglecting Post-Shave Care

When you shave, you essentially slough off the top layer of cells and expose your raw, fresh layer of baby skin underneath. So quite obviously, it's essential to coat it with a layer of aftershave care that's rich in nutrients. Most men often make the mistake of choosing an alcohol-based aftershave due to its 'tingling' sensation. What it's basically doing is drying out your fresh skin instead of protecting it. So go for an aftershave that includes natural ingredients, like shea butter that can lock in moisture. 

Quite heavy, right? Never expected you were making so many mistakes during your everyday shaving routine? Neither did we. But since when did grooming have to be so difficult, right?

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October 04, 2021

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