Made for Adventure: boAt Stone Speakers

The answer to ‘what should I pack for the adventure’ isn’t always as straightforward. Yeah, imagine you’re going away for a while to the beaches or the mountains, and just the night before you leave, you ask yourself this question. What would be your response? 

At times, you’d be overthinking it. Four pairs of footwear. A fedora hat, your PSP, two board games, three card games, and also a raincoat. Other times, you’d be confused between two choices. Should I carry a torch or will my smartphone suffice? My smartwatch or the classic Casio? My towel or the hotel towel?  

But if there’s one thing that you would always pack for certain, it is your music. Let’s be real here – your music is the perfect companion for drives along winding roads, sundown beach vibes, or camping atop a hilltop. Wherever your next adventure is headed, you will always make space for your music.  

Wait, but how do ya pack music, now? Don’t earphones just slip into your pocket? Well, we’re talking about something BIGGER, BOLDER, and BASS-IER! We’re talking about super portable, super awesome speakers that are made for adventure: the latest boAt Stone collection!

Why keep your rocking playlist to yourself when you can turn it into an epic background score for your adventure? The shiny new boAt Stone speakers are not merely rugged in name. They are a snug fit for your travel bag, and just the right amount of groovy to make your travel pics Insta-worthy. And of course, the most important thing – their tough built and long-lasting battery life match your stride, whether on a beach or a hike or on a downtown walk!

Well, read for yourself. 👇🏼

boAt Stone 850 – Create a splash on your road trip with 16W boAt Signature Sound!

Stone 850

Forget aux cables on your road trip and sing along with your favourite tracks with the boAt Stone 850 Bluetooth speaker. This power-packed speaker comes with immersive 16W boAt Signature Sound and Passive Radiators to amp up the bass. Long travel times? Don’t worry, Stone 850’s massive 13-hour playback and ASAP charge feature have got your back. Ergonomic design and enhanced portability are exactly what you need to carry your music with you on the road. In fact, these gorgeous speakers also have IPX6 Splash & Water Shield protection so that you can stay carefree on your adventures. Like it? 

boAt Stone 1200 F – Hike into nirvana with 2X acoustic power thanks to TWS technology

Stone 1200F

Whether it’s a solo hike or a jungle adventure, the boAt Stone 1200 F Bluetooth speaker is there to multiply your bliss with its 14W boAt Signature Sound, Passive Bass Radiator, and RGB LED lights for the perfect vibe! Need some expert assistance on your adventure with the weather or even the latest cricket score? Just ask Google or Siri with an integrated Single Press Voice Assistant. Enjoy up to 9 hours of immersive playback, and carry the speakers with ease thanks to a nice shoulder strap. And don’t worry about toughing it out in the midst of nature. These durable speakers have an impressive IPX7 Water & Splash resistance along with a rugged design. Oh, and what about setting the mood for a bonfire? Well, simply connect it to another speaker using the TWS technology and experience music heaven anywhere, anytime!

boAt Stone 1350 - Kickstart the ultimate beach party with 30W stereo sound and a thunderous bass!

Stone 1350

The sun’s about to go down, and you’re about to get down and dirty? Well, how about music to make the scene even more LIT!? Thankfully, with the powerful boAt Stone 1350 Bluetooth speaker by your side, you can always turn your small beach gathering into the ultimate crowd puller with its thunderous bass 30W stereo! You know what’s even crazier? You can double up the fun by blasting your music with 2x power by connecting another speaker – all thanks to the awesome TWS technology. These speakers also come with 5 hours of dance-worthy playtime, dual connectivity mode, and a fantastic shoulder strap for oomph and portability. Oh, and don’t worry about a splash or two of waves or water. These speakers have IPX6 Splash & Water Shield to set you at ease. 

Told you these boAt Stone speakers are built for adventure! Now you know why it’s impossible to leave these beauties out for any trip. All we can say is…your backpack better have a slot for it. Time to tick off those destinations from your bucket-list…in the most acoustically awesome way ever. 

October 06, 2021

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