The Most Trending Earbuds For Gamers

Looking to ace your next gaming tournament but the audio keeps hitting lags? Worry not, we got you covered just enough for we are on the same team! We know what disappointment looks like, whether coming from our teammates or the gaming partner. It is time for you to own your chase with the BEAST Mode that's here to help you defy all odds.

We thought, why not bring something that not only makes your music experience better but also lets you focus on the hard win while you play Battlegrounds Mobile India or Valorant with your amigos. 

What? You face latency while being at the most crucial point which sets you off? Ah. We hear you! Will it ever happen again? With these products, no it won’t. 

What products do you ask? Well, our lovely boAtheads, read on!

We present to you the most exuberant earbuds for gamers!

Match Your Vibe With 701 ANC


Gather up and get ready to be awestruck as we bring to you - the boAt Airdopes 701 ANC! These noise cancellation wireless earbuds are here to rock every milestone with you; whether in gaming or your real life. Have nothing to worry about and no unnecessary sound reaching your ears for these dope Airdopes, cancel every possible noise. Making you immune to interruptions, these bluetooth earphones make sure you experience solace even in a crowded place!


With a 28H (yes you heard it right) mountainous playback time make sure you are never not ready for yet another chapter to close your favorite multiplayer game.

Let the Beast Mode do its charm and make you the king of whatever game you decide to play along, even Mario! With IPX7, make sure nothing stops you from enjoying the game or the music that gives you the right focus, not even sweat or water as these baddies are completely resistant.



Form Any Clan, Airdopes 641 Will Stan



The perfectly designed Airdopes 641 will win your heart in its first time ever white color AND flawless performance! The ultra-lightweight fit-in ear wireless earphones are here to make your life easier in a classy way. Let nothing feel too much for your ears as you sit and crunch the lives out of your enemies! Err. We meant in the game… we might make mistakes but with a 30H of mountainous playback, you bet these Airdopes are not here to make any blunders whatsoever. Have the best gaming experience of your life and make other gamers wonder how your timing is so perfect.

Never miss a single chance to bag that trophy for these best bluetooth earbuds come with a 500mAh battery carry cum charging case designed especially for you. And the Beast Mode? Oh, we will answer it all! The Beast Mode will make sure you stay in sync and turn out victorious.

Why and how are these fit for gaming?


Both these unique Airdopes come with BEAST™ Mode designed to significantly reduce latency for the gamer in you. It makes sure that your audio and video are in complete sync so that you don’t miss a chance of taking the risk and winning it!

For having a brilliant gaming experience you need to have brilliant equipment too!We at boAt hear you. Hence, tribe it is time to unleash the beast in you with the BEAST Mode that is here for you!



Do we have to say it again? Okay, here we go but only for you-


May 22, 2021

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